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How about a paperless Christmas celebration this Holiday Season?

Your Santa Claus had already gone digital last year. He’s now requesting everyone to get connected online through a digital platform, not only to greet your near and dear ones, but also to support his endeavor of paperless Christmas celebrations. So get ready to meet with the Smart Santa online to make this year a memorable one for all the right reasons.

1. Wish your loved ones through E-Cards
An internet flier knows no boundaries and can be accessed freely. You can choose from a plethora of paid and free e-card services that are easily available at the click of a button. But if you want to conceive your own creative, right from the scratch, then you can try Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail services to create an indelible impression on your E-card mail recipients. This is a fun way to reach out to your loved ones that let your creative juices flow.

Besides that, you can even try this software platform to ensure that your messages get delivered on time. And in the process you can also take some time to support a social cause like the one mentioned here.

2.  Be the Smart Santa Claus version 2.0
This Christmas be the smarter version of Santa Claus. Recharge all your smartphone batteries in advance and deliver a text message to all your loved ones including that little one, who is waiting patiently for something magical to happen.  But if you’re too tied up in your work schedule, then don’t be surprised if you happen to receive one from, anytime round the clock to celebrate this festive season. Never mind if you’re young or an adult, those personalized messages will fly across to reach your mobile inbox.

3. Video Greetings
Messages are fine but if you want to give a more personalized touch to the proceedings then video greetings are the best way to reach out to your loved ones. Besides easily accessible social networking channels, you can even try some paid options to make your special ones feel really special.

4. Sounds Great
If you’re too tired to jot down your feelings then just record your voice and send it across to your dear ones. You can even exercise your vocal chords to put your message across via mail or SMS or an audio MMS to see your creative efforts being appreciated.

5. Digital Photo Collages are fun too
We all know that visual medium is probably the best way to create an indelible impression. And what could be better than creating some fun photo collages or even selfies to cherish them as part of your digital Santa memories. You can use your mobile phones’ photo collage apps or your spacious desktops. You can even edit them on your laptops or tablets to make this Christmas special for all your loved ones.

There are many such freely accessible digital options available on just a click of the mouse. And if you’re too tied up with a busy schedule then you can even hire an online professional to do it for you. This way you can make your loved ones feel extra special by going that extra mile. So, do a favor to Mother Earth by celebrating a paperless Christmas this year.

Happy Holidays to you all and a Happy New Year!



The search for SEO excellence continues even as we wait for another year to come to an end.

It’s been a humdinger of a year for some local businesses while for some, it has presented with an opportunity to do some soul searching. By reflecting on their performance in the past 12 months these businesses can draw some positive conclusions and possible takeaways. They can further take inputs from local search marketing trends that made a huge impact on their businesses irrespective of their location. Talking about location, these days a lot of top brands are spending time thinking about their data health. When we say data health – we mean checking out your local listings once a year to see if Google is correctly displaying your business NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) citations in its search results.

Having healthy data is much more crucial not only from search ranking point of view, but also from sales and marketing perspective.

In the past year, a majority of brands made good use of location based marketing by using contextual content to expand their reach. Brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts serve a great example of how to better leverage contextual content as part of your location marketing strategy.

So, what did they do different to get such an overwhelming response from their location based marketing?

While the ‘Find the fastest coffee’ ad did make headlines of sorts by attracting pedestrians in large numbers to their nearby Dunkin’ Donuts stores, they had to fix their location data to realize their recent marketing feat.

On the other hand, data inaccuracy probably would have marred the effectiveness of the contextual ad content by creating an unfavorable consumer response.

Hence, Brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts that treat location data as an invaluable business asset will stand to reap the rewards of their marketing overtures.

What you can do about it?

As you can see, it does pay rich dividends when you’re blessed with healthy location data. It enables businesses with an easily searchable identity and correct data location in the form of local business listing NAP citation.

The only way in which you can have healthy location data is by distributing it equally across your ecosystem so that it attracts your perceptive customers who make their own buying decisions.

For you to replicate the success of Dunkin’ Donuts, you’ll have to make sure that you’ve shared the correct data across your ecosystem, where ‘Near Me’ search possibilities take place.

And when you make the correct data available it makes location marketing more invaluable. A recent online survey conducted by SIM Partners states that brands which increase their data correctness by 20% attract up to 450% more traffic with 216% surge in their conversion rate.

Besides that, a lot depends upon how well you’ve shared this information with data amplifiers such as Facebook and Google, as they ensure higher brand visibility across the virtual domain. So, have you updated your data amplifiers with any changes that may have taken place in your local listings?

Checking your data health on a regular basis will help you identify the way forward on how to deal with the changing scenario involving your brand and the ecosystem.

For example you can update your customers through your local listing about your Business Working Hours; especially during the holiday season. This will enable the search giant to update this information in its algorithm searches. Multiple location businesses need to update these changes on a regular basis.

So it does matter when we ask how healthy is your location data? And if you have no clue about it then you’re probably missing out on a large chunk of nearby located customers which could come in through location data marketing.

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Digital Advertising platforms, over the past few years, have completely redefined the global marketing scenario. Looking at the current marketing trend, advertisers prefer to advertise their products/services more on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. as compared to the traditional broadcasting mediums such as TV and print advertising. The only reason behind this is the growing number of internet users across the globe, who like to spend more time in their own virtual social community; much to the delight of modern-day marketers.

This is the reason why internet advertising revenues are growing at a rapid rate. According to the latest IAB and PwC reports, US Digital Advertising Revenues in Q3 2015 hit a $15 billion mark, toppling the Q2 2015 revenue mark of $14.3 billion by 5%.

This 5% growth rate from the previous revenue mark takes the overall tally to 23% of surge from last year’s third quarter’s $12.2 billion mark.

Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics, and Measurement, IAB says that

“Brands and agencies are focusing ever more attention on interactive screens, following consumers as they flock to digital platforms to be entertained, engaged and informed.”

In fact, the IAB had previously reported 19% growth rate in digital ad revenues in the first half of 2015.

Additionally, a recent study by IPG’s Magna Global forecasts that if the current marketing trend continues then the US’s digital advertising spend will completely overtake the television spend in the near future.

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Technology is evolving swiftly and it’s vital to stay up to date especially if you are a business owner. From introducing artificial intelligence in search algorithms to expanded focus on mobile SEO, there are a lot of changes made in 2015. Due to big changes and enhancements this year was notable for companies and marketers.

Let’s focus on the major changes that occurred in digital world in 2015.

1. Mobile SEO

The mobile user has surpassed the desktop user in web searching. Due to this, optimizing websites for mobile has become crucial and Google and other mega search engines made it almost mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website in order to rank higher. They also introduced many algorithms to serve mobile users. As a result majority of the companies started giving utmost priority to mobile SEO strategies and Mobile applications.

2. Wearable Gadgets

Wearable devices are going to have a major impact on our daily lives. With the successful launch of apple watch and other wearable gadgets, we can assume that in near future, wearable gadgets will become as main-stream as mobile phones. Imagine the world where all the devices are connected with the internet and you can control even home appliances and other stuff with that. The life will become easier (& people will become lazier) but in the meanwhile it will create mammoth opportunities for marketers and companies. For instance: If you sell microwave and your customer have wearable device that can communicate with microwave, think of the opportunities that will be spawned by capturing those valuable data.

3. Periscope and Meerkat

Thanks to the innovative minds, we can now enjoy live streaming from our mobiles. Apps like Periscope and Meerkat has been launched just a few months back and managed to get a large audience. In fact many companies and marketers are hooked with the app as it provides a really convenient and fun way to connect with the consumers.

4. Visual Ad Platforms

Digital marketing is an ever evolving industry and thus little changes often go unnoticed. But when the giants like Pinterest and Instagram launched a brand new ad platform, it just can’t go unnoticed. The introduction of visual ad platforms in the digital advertisement by these two giants made a huge splash and opened the door of vast opportunities for companies and marketers. These visually driven platforms launched new means of advertisement right before the holiday season. This will not only get them clients to advertise quickly but will also provide fruitful results to the advertisers.

5. Buy Buttons on Social Channels

The process of luring audience from social media to our website to buy our shoes or anything else has never been easy. We had to focus on even the minutest details in order to complete the entire process successfully. Also, every extra or irrelevant click negatively impacted our conversion rate. But the addition of “buy” button finally enabled us to sell products right where our consumer spends their time.

6. Google AdWords for Small Businesses

If you are a small or medium business owner then I have a great news for you! Google is running an exclusive program that is focused on helping small and medium business owners by providing them with the same level of support they offer to the mega corporations. However, it’s an invite-only program so if you are not invited, just reach out to them directly regarding the same. Because business is more important than Ego.

7. Mobile In-Feed Promotions

In-feed advertising is really underutilized despite having a huge potential. The USP of in-feed advertising is that you get repeat impression without irritating the audience. By scrolling down, your ad disappears and when users scroll up they see your ad again. This way you are neither ignored and nor annoying. So far, only Facebook is reaping the benefits of In-feed advertising, let’s see when other apps and channels will catch up.

8. Targeting for Custom and Lookalike Audiences

The USP of digital advertising is the precise targeting option. Employ Facebook’s custom audiences to frame a following over your website’s visitors, your consumers and email list. Couple several targeting option and narrow down your audience then broadcast your advertising message targeted specifically at them for the best possible outcome.

9. Machine Learning for Marketers

Machine learning is influencing almost every aspect of digital marketing. From getting hands on the low-hanging fruits to responding customers with personalized messages. Going one step further, now there are several instances where marketers have launched a machine-optimized digital campaign.

10. Twitter and Google Integration

This year, Google and Twitter made a deal in which Google is allowed to crawl through the ample database of Twitter’s real-time content.  This has created a brand new term called “Social search” and we are about to see the vast benefits of it. However, Google is still in test mode and we can see further enhancement in coming days or by the end of the year 2015.

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An excellent User Experience is at the heart of everything they do at Google. So if you are continually optimizing for keywords and keeping aside everything else, then you need to rethink your strategy. Since, User Behavior is also an important ranking factor that can escalate your rankings in SERP.

Performing well in User Experience metrics will benefit you in many ways. It will not only help create a loyal fan base, but it will also please Google. And as a token of appreciation, Google will reward you with Good “Overall Quality Score”. This metric is a bit complicated, as just a few bad pages can ruin the ranking of your entire website. So ensuring excellent user experience for a maximum number of pages will lead your website to the apex of search results, eventually!

Below are a few tips on user behavior metrics that you should employ:

1. Click-through rate (CTR)

There is no predefined CTR for any search. However, Google expects it to fall under a certain range, depending on the type of query. For instance, for popular keywords the click-through rate for leading results is around 50%. While CTR for top results of non-popular keywords should be around 33%, it must be about 15% for those in the second place and 10% for the ones in the third position. If your website’s CTR gets outside this range, Google may re-rank the results.

How to improve CTR

Identify the web pages that show a downfall in CTR using Google Analytics webmaster tools and work on them ASAP.

Get rid of duplicate descriptions and titles, optimize them for keywords and ensure that your meta descriptions and titles fit the technical aspects.

  • Try to keep the URLs readable and fair. Use breadcrumbs for longer URLs.
  • Your meta description should compel the user to click.

2. Bounce rate

If a user quickly jumps back from the website he just entered, it’s an indication that the website is not relevant and that Google will reduce the website’s ranking.

How to reduce Bounce rate:

  • Reduce page load time.
  • Clear out pop-ups and other distractions.
  • Enable site search so that, a user can search for what he wants within your website instead of bouncing back to the SERP.

3. Dwell time

The time duration between entering your website and going back to search results is called dwell time. The longer the dwell time, the better the outcome; since it clearly indicates that your content was useful to the user.

How to increase dwell time:

  • Remove broken links at any cost. They are your enemies!
  • Content is the king and the realm of every king should be unique.
  • Keep the user engaged by providing them with a link to additional information on the same subject or a related one. For instance: – Ecommerce websites use “You may also like” to encourage a user to keep exploring.


It’s vital to use White-hat SEO techniques and practices to enhance user experience. Gaming Google with bots is not something a smart website owner will do. Genuinely focus on helping the user with their search and enjoy the perks.

If you have tried everything from your end and still can’t see any progress, then there might be user experience issues which need to be fixed immediately. Write to us at or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) and let us assist you with conversion optimization.



Before we dive into e-commerce strategy, does anybody know what a ‘code freeze’ is? Well, that juncture when we aren’t allowed to launch developments upon a website is known as a ‘cold freeze.’

It minimises errors or downtime during peak shopping season, making it beneficial for retailers.

After $965bn recorded in sales between November & January, recent studies show that retailers are expecting a 4% rise over last year’s shopping season. But all of this seems to be overshadowed by digital shopping, that’s coming out a lot stronger with a 9% YOY increase (equivalent to $434bn) in online sales.

Now, in order to achieve more than their fair share of the increase, search professionals would try to better position their retail sites by sharpening their SEO strategies before lockdown.

Lay emphasis on the soon-to-be high traffic pages

A well programmed store locator is a must, and it should be optimized with relevant NAP (Name, Address and Phone) data along with a generic ‘Store Locator’ title on each location page. This is a prime necessity as 90% of in-store sales are still preceded by trips to the website.

In pages featuring credit card/financing, shipping policy/track order, and return policies, you are bound to experience a similar surge.

‘Phone Number’ & ‘Store Locator’ are terms of high importance and need to be highlighted on the pages very clearly.

Ensure big sales, deals & events are present

Best deals are on everyone’s wish list and are expected to be found easily. You’d find digital customers scouring your site for these. These deals should go hand-in-hand with holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday & other holiday deals keeping the pages up & running on such days.

On the other end of the platform, you should have coupons, promotion codes & special offers, live & easily found. You’d risk loss of traffic if you do not possess these.

Regardless of the pages’ lifetime, Google always does raise pages with such content a step above, leaving aside the prime challenger brand pages.

Be sure of Digital & Physical going hand-in-hand

What most customers look for is low or better pricing & availability. Therefore, a well inscribed product detail page is important.

Model number is another element that needs to be present on product pages (in the title tag & HI). This makes searching for a particular model number easier and, has customers glancing away from your competitors in search results.

Retailers would only benefit from this year’s expected increase in digital holiday shopping if they pay attention to the three points of advice mentioned above.

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You’ve got great products and services that are of premium quality and come at a decent price. You have also designed a great website that is close to perfect from both UX and SEO’s perspective. You have also leveraged your online presence with social media profiles and by delivering wonderful products you have managed to receive positive reviews too.

So after getting all these things right, you just sit back and think that now your cash bell will ring continually and that your bank account will get credited with enormous dollars on a regular basis.

But, it’s not happening! Despite doing everything right, your website is not generating sales. You are seeing a lot of visitors via Analytics, but the conversion rate is too low.

Issue: – Maybe you have given attention to the big things but ignored the small details. To ensure the best outcome from your website, you have to give attention to even the minutest details since they can play a big part in sales.

We have analyzed some points where many fail to pay attention and thus are unable to generate sales as per expectations. Some issues and their tested and proven solutions are listed below.

1) Hammer your Call to Action

Call to action is the most important part of a site, as it will decide whether a user will leave as they come or after being converted into a customer. You have probably thought about it already and listed in your website. But just listing in one corner of the page will not work; hammer your call to action all over the website, without overdoing it. Users after reading your product description or content take a pause, as they decide what to do next. By repeating your call to action, you are actually suggesting them what they should do next. It’s like you are giving them a little push!

2) Maintain a Theme for Action Buttons.

Your user must be able to navigate through your website easily. Navigation elements and links guide users as per your plan. The links you want your users to click should stand out from the clutter. Red and green are the most popular colors for action buttons; it sets them apart from rest of the links. Be sure that all your action buttons, on every page are of the same color so that the user will automatically know where to click, leaving no room for guesswork.

3) Be Confident

You have a great product and you’re confident that it is unique! So what’s the matter in showing your confidence through the website? Don’t be shy and add a button like “Interested! Wanna buy?”; instead add boldly “Buy Now”. Don’t let them think twice before taking action.

4) Keep your Forms Short

Humans are becoming lazy day by day. So if you force a user to fill a comprehensive form, he will most probably leave your website. Just note down what information you really want to collect from the users and make the form filling process as short and simple as possible. The best format will be to let them fill only two fields i.e. name and email address. But in case you require a phone number or something alike, just add one more field, but no more than that.

5) Benefits Attract Humans, Always!

So, by following all the above tips you have finally lured the user to your sales page. And right now he is standing on the other side of the line of becoming a customer. So what now? How will you encourage him to go ahead? Well, you can actually cash on human behavior here. Benefits always lure people and placing the offers right next to the sales button can work wonders. Just list the “Buy now to save upto 20%” or get “50% cash-back” or any offer that you are currently providing.

6) How Will it Benefit Me?

You have a good product and you’re talking about it over and over again; like the list of feature and how unique your product really is, etc. But as a customer I will not buy anything unless and until it will benefit me!

So list those features and talk about your products, but in a subtle way. The most enticing thing you can do is to talk about the benefits that users will get from your products and craft the whole copy around it.

7) Build Smarter Forms

Don’t you like it when you go to a website to buy something and see that a form is already half filled for you. Ah! What a relief. Well everyone likes these sort of time and energy saving forms.

You can also set it up for your website. It may seem like magic or an advanced level of artificial intelligence, but you will be surprised to know that it’s not as difficult and complicated as it looks.

Cookies and Geolocation help a lot in filling up forms, and mostly they are accurate. You can also display the form with preloaded values which will be validated once you hit submit.

By providing such convenience, you’re pleasing your users by making their lives easier.

8) Designs, Copy and Photos Must be Good.

Your product packaging should leave eyes wide open and sparkling. The images and designs that you are using for your products must be enticing and relevant. When I was in an advertising firm, we were taught that to compel users to your ads or products everything including photos, copy and concept should be in line.

Just posting any image that appeared on iStock or Shutter Stock is not gonna help. You should concentrate on getting the best possible picture for your product. Search intensely and bring out the best image or hire an illustrator or a designer instead.

9) Think from Users’ Perspective

The content of your website should be targeted specifically to the audience. Replace the words “I” and “We” with “You”. Look at your website from the user’s perspective. Stop judging your website from your own point of view. This will make searchers feel that the website was thoughtfully made, keeping their needs and goals in mind.


By implementing above tips and tactics, you can boost your sales and get expected results. But don’t expect results overnight, or imagine some kind of magic to happen. Your website will perform slowly and steadily. However, the above listed issues are not all the problems your website might be facing. There can be some other issues as well. In case you want assistance write to us at sales@ebrandz.comspecifying your problem or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free).



Despite conceding a 2% social log-in deficit, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the one who’s laughing all the way to the bank. The reason being, Facebook recorded another blockbuster quarter by registering a $4.5 billion earning in its third quarter financial report of the year. Well, that was expected of the social networking giant, which attracts more than one billion daily users and eight billion daily video views on a regular basis.

Not only that, the No.1 social networking site also believes in keeping businesses and marketers happy by providing them with more online business solutions than ever before. Here are four actionable takeaways that one can expect from the social referral giant:

Leverage Facebook and Instagram’s combined platform reach

Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg makes a point or two when she states that businesses can also leverage Facebook’s platform to subscribe Instagram’s Ad services to market their product better. This in-turn expands the visibility of their brand that is increasingly becoming smart phone friendly. Moreover, she says that an average American adult spends 20 percent, out of the total 25 percentage of mobile browsing time, on either Facebook or Instagram.

She was quoted as saying

Businesses are lagging behind consumers in making this shift to mobile, and we believe we’re well positioned to help them catch up. Facebook Pages are already the mobile solution for millions of businesses. Pages now offer better messaging capabilities, call-to-action buttons and news sections that enable businesses to highlight important information.

More SME’s opting for Facebook’s video option

These days, a lot of businesses are tapping Facebook’s video feed potential to explore further sales opportunities. In fact, since September this year around 1.5 million SMEs posted videos on both organic and paid platforms.  Explaining this point further, Sandberg added, “That’s not happening at that high a level on any other platform, but with us it’s cheap, it’s very easy to use and that gives us a way to continue to work with SMBs and increasingly grow our business with them”.

Larger enterprises too are effectively using the medium as a part of their TV campaigns. Sheryl mentioned a Neilsen survey report which indicates that the marketers, who are currently exploring Facebook’s popular video option to effectively market their TV ad campaigns, not only maximized their reach but also experienced a surge in the brand recall rate to go alongside the likeability factor. For instance, GMC effectively leveraged Facebook’s video ad platform to extend their brand visibility, which registered a growth of 13 points in its ad recall rate and a surge of six points in brand likeability factor.

Sandberg further added

Video on Facebook gives marketers not just mass reach, but better cross-device targeting and measurement than we believe is available on any other platform.

IKEA’s Smart move

Not only that, larger set-ups are getting more creative in terms of exploring more advertising opportunities on Facebook. A recent example of that is IKEA, who smartly used carousel ads in Norway when their stores were closed.

Sandberg states that

[T]hey turned a $35,000 investment in carousel ads into $2 million in sales which happened precisely when they want it to happen”. That’s a direct response ad buy because it’s very specific carousel ads product but it’s also a brand play for them as they strengthen their brand and get people to interact with them as they want them to.

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads Support is generating favorable response

She further added that after its February launch this year, Facebook’s dynamic product Ads are providing more opportunities to businesses to market their products effectively on Facebook’s ad platform and reaping dividends in terms of better ROI. However, she didn’t back up her claim with any specific evidence. But she did add that brands like Marriott and the Latin-American e-commerce set-up, MercadoLibre are using it to remarket their products and services in 13 other countries around the world. Sandberg further added that both the above-mentioned companies are currently seeing it as a better investment option after witnessing a surge in their ROI.

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The Photo and video sharing online solution, Instagram recently announced that it will enable advertisers to get access of their carousel ads. However, It will do so with some help from it’s parent company Facebook. This also means that Instagram’s API to make good use of its parent company’s power editing and Ad managing capabilities.

Instagram, through it’s recent blog post stated “By opening up the way advertisers can buy, businesses of all sizes around the world now have more flexible targeting, call-to-action button options, and can customize their offsite links to help drive maximum return”.

Instagram launched the carousel Ads support earlier this year in June, which allows advertisers to upload up to five images as part of their promotional Ad posting strategy. These Ads were the first Instagram posts to have links with clickable capabilities that enables the user to visit sites other than Instagram.

The company added that the carousel Ads, since its launch have been doing a great job. On an average, its garnering a great response with 2.5 point increase in its Ad recall value with one of its French retailer reporting 58 percent surge in its conversion rates, which is way ahead of its single photo run campaigns.

Riding on its new Ad popularity wave, the company has decided that it will now all the advertisers to use its new Ad capabilities to a good effect, which is being optimized for better audience reach and high frequency of conversion.

The company recently announced this through its blog post:

“By optimizing for reach & frequency, advertisers can manage the number of people they reach with their Instagram ads and how frequently the ads are shown. To make media planning and buying even easier, advertisers can also control the reach and frequency of campaigns across Instagram and Facebook.

In addition, performance advertisers can now optimize delivery of their ads to people who are most likely to take an action on their website — driving more efficient performance on Instagram, or for campaigns running across Facebook and Instagram. Our goal is to remove friction and give businesses the most bang for their advertising buck.”

Having said that, it will still take another few weeks for the self-service multi-image feature to go live on the company’s dashboard.

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