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Small Business – Which social media platforms can enhance your brand value?

Social networking sites has in itself become a business today. With every Tom Dick and Harry trying to make money out of this new trend, there are some sites that have left their mark in our lives.

As an entrant in the industry, any it may be, one always is in need to spread the word among the target audience and get loyal customers without having to spend much. True, isn’t it?

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Does content aggregation online need a code?

Terms such as ‘aggregation’ and ‘curation’ have become commonplace in the virtual realm, used as substitutes at times to describe even the creation of ‘original’ content. As article writing gets digitized, everything now floats around, for others to pluck, replicate and re-circulate. Traditional media has been a hapless and mute witness and even a participant in the process of content generation and not necessarily creation. Continue reading

Tips to become customer-centric in your communications

Relationship marketing is a new, innovative concept used by most brands to be customer-centric. If you address your content pages or blog posts to a community, the whole exercise could be really be more effective. Building a community of your peers, who appreciate what your site has to convey, goes a long way in becoming more customer-friendly. Continue reading

Ideas for affiliate promotion, marketing and traffic generation

Affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial partnership struck between the affiliates promoting the programs and the merchants who own them. It’s a competitive business so you cannot afford to be complacent. Remember, it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ formula but more of a slow and steady mode of operation. Continue reading

Five tenets of successful affiliate marketing

Any affiliate marketing program to be successful will take some time and thought. It needs to build itself on a solid footing. And once it gets going, with constant monitoring and modifications, it harbors a huge potential to boost your Internet driven sales and increase revenues noticeably. Continue reading

How to choose the right affiliate program?

Many individuals and institutions venture into affiliate marketing, but only a small percentage of them are successful because a majority of marketers either seek quick results or fail to get their basics right. What are the criteria or the characteristics of a good affiliate program? Continue reading