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Why Twitter is important to your business growth?

Social Media sites have become an integral part of modern life – personal or professional. Twitter is a popular social networking and microblogging service that enables the members to send and read messages of other users that are called ‘tweets’.  Cutting across distances, one can extend his or her thoughts to literally every corner of the world through Twitter. Now this makes it a really small world!

And Twitter is not just about mere ease of conversation. The tool has helped in connecting with people cutting across boundaries, and has made the job of following your friends, colleagues and even celebrities so much more convenient – something thought to be difficult earlier.

  • With Twitter you can now easily follow friends and family members. Distance or time constraints do no longer exist to keep track of them.
  • Social Media sites are cost effective when it comes to communication. Twitter has an organized inbox helping you access all the e-mails you require.
  • Doing business has become more effective and lucrative because of the large number of users you can address in one go. Ease of marketing and communication is an apparent advantage. Since millions of users worldwide use Twitter, most companies are looking at it as a promotional tool.
  • Market researchers get a lot of help from Twitter in analyzing the newer trends. Businesses such as H&R Block (HRB) and Zappos are now using Twitter to respond to customer queries.
  • Twitter informs you about the latest industry developments. It’s like a great doorway to all your updates. So following latest trends and industry news becomes a lot easier with Twitter.
  • It encourages a strong business network through Twitter 101, a Web-based tutorial aimed at business users. In fact, nearly 30% people use Twitter for business networking at least once a day.

All the above factors have made it one of the major business networking sites. Now you know why Twitter is extremely important to your business growth.