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What are the key components of pay-for-performance marketing?

Whether you opt to manage the affiliate relationships at your end or seek experts’ help to manage them, you need to be clear about your goals and objectives or else you would not get the desired results with pay-for-performance marketing. Here are the key components of Pay-for-performance marketing: Continue reading

Five tips for a powerful affiliate Program Bio

Affiliate Marketing is a method for merchants to grow their sales, only paying the affiliates who deliver. Commissions are paid when a sale occurs, or a lead is generated. Newly recruited merchants in a well-established network can get started on the very day on which they sign up but for inaccurate information or wrongly implemented procedure. Continue reading

What are the roles that affiliates and merchants play in a network?

Any popular network has thousands of merchants all plugged in to it. They have varied types of product categories cutting across domain they are selling, each willing to offer commission on that sale, if and when you fetch a customer. Continue reading

Understanding the ‘Pay for Performance’ marketing basics

Affiliate Marketing is a well-established form of marketing for a business entity or individual keen to increase sales or leads. It is often termed Pay for Performance marketing. This method is considered a very effective customer acquisition and retention tool for online merchants who are in a position to work out the commission structure and pay only after tangible results come in. Continue reading

Finer aspects of Google Adwords arbitrage

Arbitrage is like any other basic business mode wherein one just likes you to purchase something for less, and then disposing it for higher cost. It works in a way similar to advertising your site, which has ads in Adwords program for a lower cost per click (CPC), anticipating a higher return. Well, it all seems simple, but Arbitrage needs caution and care while implementing it. Continue reading

Why is it vital to comply with Google arbitrage policy?

Site owners and webmasters often experience that their ads suddenly quit displaying for all ad groups as well as keywords even though they had little problem up until that point deriving clicks to meet their budget.  They believe that nothing actually has changed as far the landing pages are concerned, but for addition of new content posted. So why do they experience trouble? Continue reading

Seven parameters of an acceptable and non-acceptable sites for Google AdWords

Once you modify your site in order to accurately and realistically convey the typical advantages of your product, your site can be re-reviewed. What are the parameters of an acceptable site and which is a non-acceptable one for Google AdWords that it might prohibit? Continue reading

Why should the sole purpose of your site not be to showcase ads?

You should know the certain policies followed by Google AdWords to allow E-Commerce or content portals to use the service. We shall acquaint ourselves with some of the basic aspects that you should keep in mind while designing your campaign or fine tuning your site for the ad display to avoid getting blacklisted. Continue reading