Monthly Archives: August 2011

Why you should always listen to all your customers?

An in-depth knowledge or a well cultivated insight of your customers’ mindset and thought process sure will help you come up with excellent great products and also provide quality services. Conversely, in case of a complete mismatch between their overall aspirations and your offerings, the business model might fail to click. Here are more reasons why all companies irrespective of their size and domain must carefully listen to their customers. Continue reading

Why Twitter is important to your business growth?

Social Media sites have become an integral part of modern life – personal or professional. Twitter is a popular social networking and microblogging service that enables the members to send and read messages of other users that are called ‘tweets’.  Cutting across distances, one can extend his or her thoughts to literally every corner of the world through Twitter. Now this makes it a really small world! Continue reading

Selecting social sites to bookmark your content

Going social on the Web can help your site grow its online presence and boost credibility. Organic search ranks of your site, and your ability to run the business successfully and make money online. There are countless options when it comes to choosing one of those social bookmarking sites/ resources out there. Continue reading

Tips to become customer-centric in your communications

Relationship marketing is a new, innovative concept used by most brands to be customer-centric. If you address your content pages or blog posts to a community, the whole exercise could be really be more effective. Building a community of your peers, who appreciate what your site has to convey, goes a long way in becoming more customer-friendly. Continue reading

Secrets of successful blog commenting

It is important to devote time to engaging your target audience as you do while creating content, for example, you can focus on answering back to comments. It is not a bad idea to promote your comments socially. Most bloggers appreciate getting their posts tweeted/ shared. If you FB share/ tweet a reference to your comment on their blog post, especially if you mention them by name, it can have a positive effect. Continue reading

What are the basic tenets of blog commenting?

Conscious efforts are needed on your part to steer users to your blog so that your readers get used to it. They will feed your with some great content ideas that you can then build on to make your exercise truly interactive. You can use the exercise of blog commenting to showcase your domain expertise. Continue reading

Benefits of blog commenting

Many Web marketing expert lay special emphasis on the practice of utilizing blog comments as a core marketing strategy to enhance online branding and visibility. On the one hand, the strategy can fetch valuable user participation and spontaneous content to a business site and offer a worthy outlet for site managers to access domain specific bloggers, comment-enabled communities and other relevant communities or user groups. Continue reading

Ideas for affiliate promotion, marketing and traffic generation

Affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial partnership struck between the affiliates promoting the programs and the merchants who own them. It’s a competitive business so you cannot afford to be complacent. Remember, it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ formula but more of a slow and steady mode of operation. Continue reading