Monthly Archives: March 2012

Factors to consider while conducting your Adwords campaign experiments

Let us try to understand how you can choose to apply ideas as experiments in the Analytics Opportunities tab. Basically, you need to take into consideration the potential impact of any keyword ideas, bid ideas,; budget ideas, taking into account their relevancy, ideally with the help of experts. Continue reading

Why it might be required to hide the address on your google places page

Recently some business owners found that their Google Map listings have disappeared entirely without any warning or an explanation. After some scrambled to figure out what happened to their previously strong listing, someone received a prompt email from a Google employee quoting an extremely obscure passage in the Google Places Help Files: Continue reading

Achieve enhanced conversions with the Opportunities tab

In this blog post, we shall find out how the Opportunities tab can be of help to your site in terms of generating higher traffic volume and enhanced conversions. Basically, it tries to find ways of bringing about reasonable changes, which could have a positive impact on your AdWords account once you opt to implement the suggested changes. Continue reading

‘Over Optimized’ Sites: be ready to take a hit in google’s next update

Earlier this month, Matt Cutts mentioned that Google was working on a new change in its algorithm that would make GoogleBot much smarter to pick out overly optimized sites ( that rank well in search results ) and penalize them. Although this might sound new and we’re sure that sites will be hit – this is not a new concept. Google has been penalizing sites, but it will be on a much larger scale now. Continue reading

New Display Network Tab to facilitate campaign optimization

Google’s latest changes to AdWords are devised to make it convenient to buy and track display ads on its network. The search major is giving display its very own new Display Network Tab – an interface built right from the ground up for running display campaigns, The new interface to be rolled out over the next couple of weeks gradually will let advertisers bid, target as well as optimize their display campaigns better. Continue reading

Bing’s dynamic approach to whole page relevance

In an effort to enhance its search results quality, Bing is bringing about an array of changes, encompassing not just webpages, but also including news items, images, maps, videos and other relevant media objects in answers thrown to specific user queries. As it readies to take on Google and other engines, Bing is infusing more zing into those ubiquitous blue links along with summaries. Continue reading

How a Google Change may wrongly attribute search traffic to referral traffic?

Google’s set to make a major change to the way it reports key referrer information for its Chrome browser user. Some analytics programs, as a result, may start listing search online visitors as if they instead arrived directly from Google sans doing a search. The change posted on the Google Webmaster blog, will take some effort to understand what’s actually happening. Continue reading

Seven enhanced adCenter features

With a series of upgrades, users of Microsoft Advertising adCenter can comes cross newer and more improved features that will help them boost the overall campaign performance. The enhancements are aimed at making it easier to devise search and content driven advertising strategies. A host of changes will help advertiser reach their intended audience and achieve desired results. Continue reading