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Importance of keyword relevancy and tips to ensure it

A crucial aspect of a successful Google AdWords account is the relevancy of ads, key terms and site. A measurement known as Quality Score is used by Google to encourage quality ads. The idea is to enhance ad performance and maintain cost efficiency.  Let us try to follow what relevancy means and to what extent it matters for keywords. Continue reading

Basic ingredients of a link building exercise

One area that website owners often seem to grapple with, while envisaging a search engine optimization plan, is a solid and consistent link building plan. It often proves to be quite a tricky job even for most experienced search consultants. Usually it makes sense to let the clients pursue their own link building goals based on domain expertise and insight they have at their disposal. Continue reading

Factors that can hamper your Google AdWords campaign

Many small businesses often spend thousands of dollars on creating and running Google AdWords campaigns, albeit little to show for it in terms of visibility and actual sales. They must be wondering where it all has gone wrong. In this post, I shall narrate more practical experiences of certain companies – both online and offline – to understand the probable mistakes. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: October 11-15-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Bing And Yahoo Lose Google Dominates U.S. Search Market In September: Hitwise

The search alliance between Bing and Yahoo have not been able to shake Google’s dominance. In fact, the search engine giant Google is still rocking the charts as the top U.S. search destination. According to the latest figures from Hitwise, an online analytics service, reveals that Google, the dominant search engine leader, captured 72.15% of all U.S. searches…

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Microsoft Wraps Live Labs Into Bing; Gary Flake Resigns

Software major Microsoft over the weekend has decided to restructure its once highly touted “Live Labs” — a nearly five-year-old incubation project that brought us PhotoSynth, SeaDragon, Pivot, and more, will now be “transitioning” the group to Bing, as former Yahoo executive Gary Flake, who headed the development effort now plans to leave the company…

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Google Unveils Self-Driving Cars That Steers Itself

Internet search engine giant Google Inc., has been tinkering with engines of another kind and come up with some futuristic results — confirmed over the weekend that it is road-testing its fleet of autonomous cars across the San Francisco Bay Area that steers, stops and starts without a human driver, using artificial intelligence…

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MySpace Reveals Bizarre New, Artsy Logo

If you have been following the news lately, then you have perhaps discovered that logo redesigns are a new phenomenon. Beverly Hills, California-based social networking site MySpace revealed today its new and upcoming logo at the 2010 Warm Gun: Designing Happiness conference in San Francisco, California. The new logo is “My” followed by a “Space,” which is actually not as bad as it sounds…

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Google Bundles Latin To Translation Service

Internet search engine behemoth Google’s relentless efforts of translating languages of the world is slowly but sure coming to fruition. Google, over the weekend has bundled Latin to its automatic translation service, the 58th language supported by Google Translate and the first dead language in its repertoire, the company said in a blog post

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Microsoft’s New Line Of Smartphones Win Favorable Reaction

In a major thrust to get its mojo working in wireless devices, Microsoft Corp. on Monday in a last-ditch attempt unveiled a new line of Windows-based smartphones and other technology, much of which will have voice, video and data service from Dallas-based AT&T, which has won favorable early reviews, but it may come too late to claw back customers from Apple Inc and Google Inc…

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Facebook Unveils One-Time Passwords Via SMS To Thwart Keyloggers

Users of the world’s popular social networking website Facebook are nervous about using their real password on public computers can now get a one-time password sent to their mobile phones. In an attempt to ward off keyloggers, Facebook on Tuesday unveiled a new security feature that will provide users with a temporary password for use on public computers…

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Google Executive Marissa Mayer Promoted To Oversee Location, Local Services

Internet search engine behemoth Google, which has slowly been ramping up its local efforts, has executed a subtle yet important shift in its management structure today, appointed one of the most visible faces of the company to oversee a potentially important source of growth. Marissa Mayer, Google Inc.’s vice president of search products and user experience and the company’s first female engineer, just got a big promotion…

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Sony Debuts HDTVs With Google TV-Equipped Sets For U.S. Market

Wish to have a Google TV, with its Web browsing applications, and powerful search, but that box sitting around your TV bothers you? Well then you will surely love the new HDTVs that Japanese electronics giant Sony Corp., is treading with a prudent tag line: “the world’s first internet television” to promote its just-unveiled…

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Google-NBC Universal Scrapped TV Ad Partnership

Internet search engine titan Google Inc.’s ambitions to expand its advertising prowess beyond the Internet have been dealt a big blow by the loss of its marquee media partner — NBC Universal, which scrapped a two-year-old alliance with Google that allowed the search engine giant to sell ad space on several NBC cable channels, according to a report…

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Microsoft Deepens Facebook Integrated Social Search Battle On Bing

Microsoft and Facebook moved to bridge the gap between social media and search Wednesday when the two companies announced tighter integration to create Bing Social. Starting on Wednesday, Bing will allow searchers to view results generated by their Facebook friends’ use of the “like” button on the social network, in an attempt to bolstering its…

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Twitter Terminates Celebrity-Tracking Partnership With JustSpotted

Popular microblogging site Twitter explicitly said it has terminated its partnership with, a controversial new celebrity spotting website that lately began promoting its service, can no longer crow about its cozy relationship with Twitter…

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Yahoo Acknowledges, Apologizes For Temporary Outage, the search engine that boasts itself as “the world’s most visited homepage” has acknowledged and apologized for a “temporary” outage on around 2:15 p.m. PDT on Thursday, October 14…

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Skype 5.0 Unveils Facebook Integration With Group Video-Conferencing

Popular VoIP service Skype has wooed its fair share of people with an itch to ditch the land-line and announced the availability of its latest desktop client, Skype 5.0. Skype went social Thursday by releasing a new version for Windows that integrates Facebook…

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Now search for more localized and customized information

Search engines invariably strive to offer users the most pertinent results. One of the most important factors they have explored for several years in their quest to customize the results is location. For instance, if a user is searching for restaurants, he or she probably wants to locate ones in the vicinity, it is assumed. Keeping this in mind, the search engines use location data to display places just nearby. Continue reading

Mistakes made during Google AdWords campaigns

These are real-life lessons literally learned the hard way by ambitious owners who have tried several tricks in their book, but have realized the mistakes over time, in their quest to build and optimize Google AdWords campaigns. In this post, we focus on a couple of them  and analyze the practical problem  areas. Continue reading

Aspects critical to maximize the display advertising returns

For most online publishers – right from bloggers to website owners – generating advertising revenue is important to sustain their business activity. When publishers manage to maximize their online returns, everyone gains from more dynamic online content and sites. However, the pace of change in the challenging domain can be intimidating, at times. Continue reading

Expand your reach through the Display Network

The Google Display Network can help efficiently access users across the web world. It allows you to drive conversions. You may select from varied formats like text, image, and video for the purpose of communicating your message. You can thus expand your reach. The way you achieve your end goal is not that complex. Continue reading

New and improved features of Microsoft Advertising adCenter

If you wish to make optimum usage of Microsoft Advertising adCenter, you should be aware of the latest features and enhancements that it has on offer. It is important to learn basics of managing your online advertising account with the latest upgrade on Microsoft Advertising adCenter (Fall 2010 Upgrade). Continue reading

A handy tool for publishers from Google’s DoubleClick

We are all aware of the fact that as a publisher it can get very challenging and demanding to be noticed by potential advertisers – let alone locate and contact those trying to reach a website’s demographic or specific content areas. A new solution now will help them connect both sellers and buyers of online advertising with much more ease.  Continue reading