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A handy tool for publishers from Google’s DoubleClick

We are all aware of the fact that as a publisher it can get very challenging and demanding to be noticed by potential advertisers – let alone locate and contact those trying to reach a website’s demographic or specific content areas. A new solution now will help them connect both sellers and buyers of online advertising with much more ease. 

Benefits to publishers

It is intended at simplifying the traditional process of ad buying, to enable Ad Planner advertisers to see, and request to buy, reserved ad space from publishers, directly. The beta launch of DoubleClick Ad Planner Marketplace from Google’s DoubleClick will help publishers in various useful ways.

For instance, they can market their available placements in Ad Planner, directly. It attracts countless media planners daily. They can review and then accept/reject specific buying requests from a host of advertisers in their Ad Planner account, directly. It will allow them to set up their placements fast, and also to set the price of the inventory they will make available for sale.

The Ad Planner Marketplace is something that the publishers have been keenly looking forward to for quite some time. It is now available to those having a DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business account run in USD currency

Growing publishers who don’t presently carry a DFP Small Business account, DFP Small Business will let them manage directly sold ads, like those from the Ad Planner Marketplace, and also their AdSense & ad network inventory. Once they sign up, they simply need to follow the instructions in DFP Small Business account for exposing ad inventory to be displayed in Ad Planner, for promoting it to advertisers.

DFP mobile interface

The new mobile interface will allow them to check ad operations and account performance quickly, even while on the move. They can get a complete overview of all the important aspects when they sign into DFP account from their mobile browser. The trafficking changes to your account can be monitored with a constantly updated activity stream.

Google announced its next-generation ad server, earlier this year. DoubleClick for Publishers has been quite handy for publishers. Elaborating on the features of DoubleClick for Publishers, the DFP Small Business website notes:

“It’s a free hosted ad serving solution that helps you manage your growing online advertising business. The simple interface, workflow and inventory management systems make it easy to get up and running quickly. It has sophisticated feature set that grows and evolves with your business including robust forecasting, reporting and targeting capabilities. It’s connected dynamically to a large pool of advertisers through Google AdSense and other ad networks.”

DFP Small Business effectively taps the combined innovation and insight of Google as well as DoubleClick to bring fast-expanding publishers many of the handy features that they often need. Some of the features that they can now benefit from are simplified ad trafficking workflows, an open Web Services API and robust reporting options. The new DFP mobile interface makes it even more user-friendly.