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Expand your reach through the Display Network

The Google Display Network can help efficiently access users across the web world. It allows you to drive conversions. You may select from varied formats like text, image, and video for the purpose of communicating your message. You can thus expand your reach. The way you achieve your end goal is not that complex.

To begin with, you create your own ads, and select keywords or phrases that are related to your products and services. The ads then appear on Google. When visitors do an online search on, ideally using one of your chosen keywords, your ad may be featured alongside the search results. As a result, you can reach out to a vast audience that’s keen to know more about your business.

In a way, you are able to attract your target audience, involving potential customers. They can click your ad to initiate a purchase action or find more about you. It’s that easy! However, it is important to target through it the right user and in the right context. Using your select key terms, the contextual targeting technology can match your ads automatically to webpages in Google’s Display Network most relevant to your domain.

Placement Performance Report

For instance, an ad for a digital product may get displayed next to an article that reviews the latest digital accessories. For greater control, make use of placement targeting so that you are able to hand-pick specific websites you wish your ads to be displayed on. The Placement Performance Report provides you with knowledge of where your ads appear.

Review performance of your ad on a site-by-site basis to check impression, click, cost, as well as conversion data, and then use it for identifying well-performing websites. You can target them more aggressively and do away with low-value placements, which might need content optimization or even exclusion. This will allow you to optimize your results. Importantly, this is cost-effective method that puts you well in control of your ad spending.

No budget constraints

There’s nothing like a minimum spending requirement for AdWords as the amount that you pay is up to you. You can set a daily budget and a maximum cost for each click on your display ad. Backed by keyword traffic information and cost estimates you are in a position to make informed decisions about selecting proper keywords and optimizing your budget.

Location based targeting of customers

You get charged only if a user clicks your ad, and not when the it’s displayed. Another noteworthy aspect is local and regional targeting. You can set ads to be displayed only to those from a particular city, zone, region, or country. Thus targeting online customers becomes more methodical and focused. You can allow potential customers to locate you by incorporating an official address with your AdWords text ads. With help of Google Maps you can display your location to users looking for local information.

In essence, the Google Display Network is a worthwhile avenue to expand and broaden your reach.