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Are Twitter’s mobile ads starting to click?

Twitter is showing some early signs of success in terms of monetization, selling advertising on major mobile devices. It’s an area, which has been bedeviling most leading Internet companies like Facebook and Google. The social site on most days is now being able to generate the chunk of its revenue from ads displayed to its users on mobiles and other gadgets on the move, rather than from those on, according to company executives. Continue reading

Leverage social bookmarking platforms for link generation

If you are keen to find out how a wider cross-section of searchers tend to think about keywords, you may closely examine how tags are generally used at the popular social bookmarking websites. There are quite a few of them such as,,,,,,,,, and Continue reading

5 features of a professional PPC ad campaign

PPC advertising is a vital aspect to fetch affiliate sales. Knowing how and where to initiate your campaign will ensure you optimize your ad spends. For successful Pay Per Click marketing, there are several key things like knowing your market, being aware of your prospects’ needs, and where to send your targeted affiliate traffic to should be considered. Continue reading

Co-creation of content as powerful marketing means

Dealing with content conundrum is getting trickier, as businesses are trying to reach maximum possible audience base to enhance conversions.  In their quest to bombard to consumers – both prospective and existing – some brands run the risk of diluting their message; need of the hour is clearly to produce quality content and focus more on targeted message instead of putting too much emphasis on the amount of content produced that can have a counterproductive effect and end up distracting many consumers. Continue reading

6 tips for successful social media engagement

A vast number of Facebook ‘Likes’ generated on your profile page will be of little consequence, unless you are able to initiate meaningful interaction with your prospects. In fact, broader purpose of your social media interactions should be to involve users, understand their aspirations and work towards fulfilling their needs instead of simply indulging in self-promotion and boosting your online presence. We shall discuss a few ideas to impart more depth to them and enhance their intrinsic value. Continue reading

Genuine answers to public queries can boost your SEO – how!!

A wide array of new media channels has emerged on the scene, proving to be a major boon especially for small-sized business entities with limited marketing budgets. One of them is ubiquitous Q&A sites that are now greatly facilitating brand promotion through real-time engagement. This is a significant social media trend that savvy digital marketers and SEO experts cannot afford to ignore. Continue reading

Services that let you organize social activity and guard identity

Social media is a powerful communication tool. Whether you love it or hate, whether you know a little bit of it or you are experienced enough in using networking sites, there are scenarios in which you can possibly avoid it. It is always a good idea to acquaint yourself with as many tools that you can use for simplifying, augmenting, or better analyzing your conversation in online social realm and its impact. Here is a quick list of some interesting apps and accessories for the purpose: Continue reading

6 Tips to Engage Fans on your Brand’s Facebook Page

Is Social Media your bread and butter? Do you think about increasing the number of your client’s fanbase 24/7?  Then you are at the right place.

Today, we will see how to engage your existing fans on fanpage, as this will ultimately lead to word-of-mouth publicity and in turn, give you more number of fans.

What if you are told that a single post can get 701,000 likes and have 896,000 people talking about it? Sounds impossible? But it is not! McDonalds recent ‘Extra Value Menu’ post managed to create this record. Continue reading

How to Improve conversion rate through Paid Ads

There are potentially thousands of keywords you can reserve and bid on for your website. Which means each keyword that you choose will allow your ads to show up when people search those specific keywords. Hence its becomes crucial to decide how much you can afford to spend per click, and in turn, choosing the most relevant keyword for your ads is the key that will work the best .Such ads bring the right kind of traffic.

Continue reading