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A quick look at changes to Timeline- a new kind of user profile

Right since its beginning, your Facebook profile has been the avenue for you to tell your story to the people who matter. Users treat the social site as a place to share almost everything from the seemingly small stuff, like their instant thoughts on a just read article, to some of the most crucial events of their personal lives, such as the photographs of their family functions, the wedding or birth in their family. Continue reading

How to select the right type of conversion tracking experiment?

For improving the conversion rates of specific pages or your business site as a whole, it is vital to choose the right type and mode of experiment, at the outset.  We shall consider a few key aspects to grasp what test is suited for your purpose so as to take an informed decision before you go ahead with testing. Continue reading

Tracking the effectiveness of your webpage conversions

To make use of the Website Optimizer tool, you are simply required to choose the important aspects that you want to thoroughly test. These can include areas like headline, select copy text, image, or promo text. Then an experiment is done across cross-section of the site traffic. The idea is to help you discover exactly what format and type of content appeals to your site visitors and the one they respond to best. Continue reading

Understanding the finer aspects of Analytics reports

When checking Analytics reports, it’s difficult at times to exactly visualize how site visitors navigate on any given webpage. For the purpose of making this easier, some users prefer to keep the site open in a separate browser tab so as to reference it when they look through a report. Some other might depend on the Site Overlay report. Continue reading

Things to keep in mind before you conduct the Conversion tracking experiment

The Website Optimizer tool lets you test changes in the content of your site pages in order to precisely find out what text will be most powerful and highly effective in ensuring conversions. Before conducting an experiment, consider specific aspects that you would like to check as part of it; the more thought and preparation you put in prior to the test, the more comprehensive results you will derive out of it. Here are a few more things to keep in mind prior you conduct the experiment. Continue reading

What are the aspects to consider before running your Website Optimizer experiment?

The Website Optimizer lets you to test the different changes effected in the content of your webpages in order to work out what emerge as the most user friendly, thus more effective in ensuring higher conversion rates. Before you get started, you will need to take a few steps in preparation for your experiment. Continue reading

A quick guide to Website Optimizer usage

Every site owner wants his or her ads to do well. To measure the level of success against your expectations, you mostly make use of click & conversion tracking for an insight into the site users’ behavior pattern on your different pages. If they are accessing your pages, and you are still not getting the desired conversion results you seek, what are the steps that you need to take? Continue reading

Tips to effectively track and enhance performance of your campaigns and site

Obviously if you are putting your precious resources into driving traffic to a webpage, the content of that particular page is worth every dollar that you spend. You can employ web tools such as Google Analytics for tracking how effective and helpful that content has been in getting you meaningful conversions. Continue reading

What are the benefits of Website Optimizer tool?

Website Optimizer is a simple and easy-to-use tool that is quite handy for the purpose of testing website content, which delivers a series of actionable results. There are a host of benefits that elaborate testing can bring. For instance, it allows direct feedback from your visitors. Continue reading

Seven ideas for a powerful online press release

An online press release is a powerful communication tool to establish your brand as well as to create a buzz about your company product and services. What you require is a fair understanding of your audience expectations. In this post, we shall acquaint with some useful ideas for constructing press releases to fetch targeted traffic to your website. Continue reading