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Google’s ire turns in the direction of enhancing the mobile user experience by cleaning up the sneaky mobile only redirects.

As such, the utility of these unreliable mobile-only redirects are fine to a point, where they are actually helping people in accessing the mobile friendly content. But they become problematic when they direct user to unwanted site or page, which they didn’t want to visit.

In fact, it’s a sort of cheap tactic, which warrants a manual punishment for going against Google’s webmaster guidelines, if the search giant gets to know about it.

But there’s no reason to blame your webmaster because these quirky redirect occur even without the webmaster’s knowledge. Google acknowledges this fact and that’s why he issued yet another warning to the site owners instead of punishing them. Not only that, Google also gave two possible reasons behind its presence as below:

  • Advertising: A display Ad script might have ended up redirecting users to other unintended site, much to the amazement of the webmaster.
  • Hacking: In a hacked site scenario, attackers could link your site to the spammy web domains to be redirected for mobile searches.

The site owners can also find out about their site’s mobile redirect tendency by simply doing a google search of their site through the smartphone and clicking on the results.

Moreover, Google wants the site-owners to monitor their user’s redirect complaints, keep an eye on the unusual activity such as the sudden drop in your web traffic through the Google analytics report.

If there are any indications of their presence on your site, then the search giant advocates you to check the Search Console account for further signals of a possible site hack warning.

If there’s no hacking problem, this problem might arise due to the third party source or medium. You can also fix this problem by scaling down the possible factors one by one and then again testing to see if the issue has been resolved or not.

Google wraps up its blog post by issuing a serious warning to site owners about the impending action of subscribing to such deceptive activities leading to manual action on your site in the form of being removed from the Google’s indexing search capabilities.

Google seems more interested in the clean-up act also due to the fact that smartphone searches are dominating the search scenario. And that’s the reason why it’s taking the matter pretty seriously with the site owners.

But whatever action Google takes to stop these deceptive acts, the spammers and hackers as such will find a way or two to disrupt your site’s mobile experience and hence Google recommends the site owners to always stay on guard with your online presence.

As a precautionary measure, site owners can have security alerts to protect their site being hacked and also be careful the next time you intend to run an advertising script on your site.

And as a site owner if you are still facing these issues, check out our Website Maintenance Packages packed with features such as secure backups, website performance audit, uptime monitoring and more. Just email us at or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) to get started.



As a blogger, the first thing that you’d wish for is to have viewers glued upon your blogs & articles. In order to that, your blog must not only be attractive in an alphabetical sense, but should convey the message in a clearly fathomable manner. Let us now look at how that could be procured, and in what way.

A Finite Feature

The sky isn’t always the limit, especially when it comes to blogging. Words or characters should be bounded to the extent that readers retain their levels of interest. In the sphere of SEO, a 300-400 word article should suffice the need of both, the blogger/agency and the reader, who’d be the customer or the client. Otherwise, a 400 word blog on diverse platforms would do well for first-timers. You could push your pencil upto the 700 word mark for advanced bloggers and readers. In the process, make sure you keep each paragraph tersely precise in order to preserve and cultivate those interest levels.

Simplicity is the Solution for Stimulation.

Bright screens sure do strain the eyes. And grabbing words off them certainly is a lot tougher. So don’t make it worse by flashing in fancy fonts to make your blog look stylish. Keep it clean by using fonts that are simple with a size that’s easily visible to the naked eye. White spaces should also be added in between fonts. That helps in better understanding.  While we speak of understanding, keep sentences from being elongated, with a character limit of around 75.

Colours now come into play. Simplicity here, has an assertive presence as we focus upon the conglomerative contrast that’d turn heads away.

Be sure to keep the font and its background or imaging, distinctive for easier grasping.

Here’s another tip. Try to keep the font brighter than its background. A dull or dark background would highlight the words, bringing forth the message in a clearer fashion.

A Singular Subject

Your blog post should have one subject. It should have one main message, or point, you want to make. Every blog and piece of content on your website has some kind of a message. This message is the purpose of that piece of writing: what do you want to tell your readers? You should be able to put the message of your post in one sentence. That sentence should contain one topic, not two. If you have a message containing two topics, use that second topic for your next blog post! What’s the purpose of a blog? To convey a message for the audience to settle into. And for them to settle in serenely, there should be one subject per blog. A spectrum of subjects in one would require an array of eyes per person to focus on all of those at once, which would only pour in confusion in our brain. Since we live in a natural world, we should set a smooth scenario with one subject per blog. You could carry forward the second subject into the following article. This way, you’d be able to converge the topic and the reader’s attention for flowering results.

Zero in on each point thoroughly once again to get a clearer picture on how a blog would draw in readers and have their eyes fixed upon each word that flows through to the last sentence.

More concepts and ideas from your end are always welcome, as we’ll have them stocked up among our tips on the table. So, what’re you waiting for? Start scribbling.

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As this year is heading for a virtual closeout, SME community is getting more and more anxious after each passing by day. The social chatters doing round about the possible algorithm roll-out by Google is also their point of consideration.

But one thing even the SEO’s aren’t sure about? What kind of Google update’s coming? Whether it will be a Panda, Penguin or another Ghost Update??? You bet! My guess will be as good as yours! Not only that it has even caught the attention of the betting communities, who are even placing high bids on any of the above possible Google roll-out?

You can call them half-baked truths, rumors or gossips but chatting community won’t leave it half way and also the fact that we are just about two months shy of a virtual closeout and Google being the unpredictable taskmaster that he is, will ensure that his dominance as a search giant remains unchallenged and the SME’s that have leave Google campus are taken to cleaners. After some indications of a possible ghost or panda update, it’s still not clear but now it seems that the air of confusion will be cleared with Google’s own webmaster Gary Illyes confirming through a Twitter post that the next due update will be indeed Penguin’s next installation and most likely to come inside the next two months of this highly forgettable year for Google.

Forgettable in the sense that Google received back to back setbacks in terms of its Google plus services (pullback of Google plus and Google plus photos) to an extent that it has to completely remove its links from the Google’s SERP pages. The year also saw Google getting its new CEO from an Indian origin (Mr. Sundar Pichai) and went on to be incorporated under a new parent company called Alphabet Inc. However, there’s no respite for Google, as its online dominance is ably challenged by Facebook (who through his Universal Search Option, Video Hub Option and Adroll & constant contact launches is taking on Google’s products).

Now, It’s highly unlikely that Google won’t pass on some of it’s misery to businesses in the form of an algorithm update. In the meantime, it has been confirmed for sure that it will be a penguin 4.0 update and you can expect that to hit your websites within next two months but no specific dates given as such.

Talking about the Penguin 4.0 version, it detects spammy/hacked links and websites. This is the reason why a lot of business owners are having a lot sleepless nights by continuously checking on their site’s link structure and as a preventive measure are getting rid of any spammy or malicious links pointing to their websites.

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With every passing year, the manner in which positivity perked up amongst users and the conversion rates have metamorphosed markedly.

If we look back, customers were easily drawn in by a flashy banner advertisement. But not today, as their eyes are open wider and backed with ad blocking software.

Today, you’d have to lure them in an intriguing yet sophisticated manner.

You’d have to dive deep into their brains to find out what keeps ringing around. In order to do so, you’d need to get the hang of some industry techniques that’d allow you to create landing pages to convert people by connecting with them.

Customers are drawn in by landing pages. And these landing pages that secure success don’t stretch along a single path. They have numerous parts. If you’re unaware of these or are overlooked, you can skid on the road to success that’d lead to a stalemate. This would only minimize customers and accordingly, their leads that’d draw in more.

Let us now see what each of the eight parts have to tell us about optimizing landing pages.

1) Headline

An appropriate headline will assure customers of the targeted page being the correct one. A crisp, relevant headline will have the customer glued, making him read the entire content out of interest. They shouldn’t mirror the page title tags. Instead, it should indirectly relate to the searches & keywords that you’ve pinned in.

2) Design

Artistry and concepts come into play as we lay emphasis upon the conversion rate. Each customer has his own perspective while viewing pages and products. Therefore, we should come up with designs that hatch extensive views.

Let us look at the three principles.


Potential of Human Presence

People certainly do catch the eye. A bit of make-up here ‘n’ there along with fancy clothes draw in open eyes from all corners. And a product in the hand or on the foot would give rise to anxiety. This way, you’d end up gathering traffic on your website.

Lines and Markers are a necessity

‘Diagonally left, on top or at the bottom right.’ Lines on the website allow you to sway and steer the human eye as per your desire. If not for these pointers, the CTA can also turn heads to towards the targeted features.

Contrasting Consequences


In order to have features linger on in the memories, you need to make them remarkably noticeable. For that you require contrasting elements that highlight not only your product but also other aspects.  Usage of contrasting colours on and around the CTA would add upon the effects, helping you catch the eye of the customer.

3) Coherent Content

Content is quite an essential element that one needs on their website. But, you cannot scribble your way to glory while you try connecting with customers. Too much of content, and you’ll have your page turned right away. Bring about simplicity in every topic, and make sure you answer every question that comes your way in an enduring fashion. This way, customers would engage and build up a healthy relationship.

Now, as we see on shopping websites, a copy stating limited period for a spectacular sale works wonders. Also, testimonials and blog with a good word of mouth bring in customers with a smile. A similar scenario would do well on your landing pages as well

4) Pertinent Forms

The human brain is wired to minimize cost. This cost might come in the form of actual money, or it might be something as simple as extra fields in your form. Minimal cost is what every human brain looks at. And while filling up a form, a few extra pockets to pen down would cough up some question marks. Hence, avoiding a decrease in conversion rates can only be done by keeping your form precise, without extra fields to fill up. As you proceed, you build up a healthier relationship that enables you to gather more information.


5) Call to action buttons


Call to action buttons tail along a message. And the message that we portray must be a positive one to have customers clicking upon the call to action button to build up a new relation, that’d allow us to hold on to them for prolonged periods.

There should only be one CTA button. A diversified set would only lead to all five fingers pointing out at each one out of confusion.

6) Analyse Adversaries

Glance upon naughty neighbours to seek ideas and methods in which you can improve your brand’s page. This way, you could outfox them in numerous ways.

While doing so, you can make use of technology. Usage of technology would give you a clearer picture of ways being used & the methods you can make use of for progress.

Each feature like headlines, CTA styles, colours, etc. can be gauged upon for a wider range of ideas that’d line up as options.

7) Include Eye-tracking


Eye-tracking tells us exactly where & what people are looking at on the screen (web page). This advanced technology gives us a perfect insight on customer vision while facing the monitor. This would lend a hand at telling you which part on the web page was being stared at by the customer, and for how long. This would help you make the necessary changes that’d ascend your web page’s stature.

8) An A/B Measurement

A measurement is what is required in order to put forth a progressive step. An A/B test is a must for successful Landing Page Optimization. These two options, once measured, would showcase results that’d leave you engaged upon the one that brings about a better result.

To see the results, bifurcate visitors into two sets, with one testing option A and the other with option B. Once done, you can then compare the characteristics of each one, and permanently show the better one the way to the big stage.

While you do the testing, you need to thoroughly adhere to these small details and rate them accordingly. The overall layout with the designs, content with its type of font, heading style and the amount of copy on the page.


If a customer making a purchase or filling in membership forms is what you want, landing page optimization would get you just that. It ascends online engagement that brings about customer conversion.

Numerous pages in the present era have a large scope for improvement. The conversion rates witnessed by quality pages is around the 5% mark, with an otherwise average of 2.35%.

Always keep a track of your landing page and seize every opportunity for improvement that comes your way. Subsume all or either of these 8 LPO fundamentals and see if they plug into your landing page.

If you need any help with creating compelling landing pages for your website, do check out our Landing Page Design service. Alternatively, you can email us at or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) with your requirements.



Google in the present era never ceases to amaze us. And its Customer Match feature does just that. Advertisers use this to draw in the set of customers who they couldn’t attract earlier. Uploading of email addresses upon Google is all that they have to do.

And amidst Google’s privacy implication debates, this feature has put light upon the custom-fit audiences sewn in by social media spheres.

And Custom Match, as this very juncture, is pinned up on YouTube, Search, TrueView, Google Display & Gmail, all of which are Google’s towering products.

Know how it works?

Before you kick-off, you’d need a list that’d count in a minimum of 1,000 customers who could be targeted. In this, the anonymity is bound to increase not only for the advertisers, but also for the customers.
Google will then match e-mail addresses with Google logins with the same e-mail address. This would take place once the advertisers upload those e-mail addresses into the Audience tab in AdWords. Every bit of the gathered data will be discarded once mirrored or correlated.

Let us now cast our eyes upon customers that need to be targeted.

Its Primary Purpose.

Out of the flock of functions that it has, we’ve hand-picked four of the most important ones that’d foster advertisers.

1.      Retrieve Customers

Old customers who’ve lost their way could be directed back onto your site, igniting their marketing intent.

2.      Sideline Current Customers

While we talk about customers, the sufficed lot could be excluded if you wish to promote new products using new non-brand keywords onto new pastures. Each of the functions for this would be connected to your e-mail list.

3.      Cross-Selling among Existing Customers

To append products upon those that are already purchased by your customers is what you can do with Custom Match. For example, a customer with a newly purchased motorcycle could have ads or reminders about ‘bike services’ popping up in the form text messages.

4.      Binding Loyal Customers with Similar set of Customers

Loyalty is an essential aspect when it comes to business growth. Custom Match helps you to draw in adherent customers by looking for those with identical characteristics. Right from their liking, to browsing behaviours, similarity in keyword searches & other circumstantial pointers.

The 4 points mentioned above are ways to target customers affiliated with the features & its creativity, bids etc. that give rise to profitable marketing. But as we look at the brands around us, each one has their own genre & trait and would distinctively plot their respective outline.

Personalisation certainly gears up advertising plans, and Custom Match is something that’d mould matters without any malice. Try it right away.

For more information, you can email us at or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free).



We live in the 21st century, and the present era puts forth a scenario that emphasizes the importance of the internet. And as we speak about the internet, every sphere on the planet turn their head towards the world of web for a helping hand.

Websites of a brand are essential elements that, with absolute pungency, help draw in consumers. But having consumers to view your website isn’t as easy as ‘ABC.’ Attaining an upper hand in the search engines is a must. That, along with a laudable user experience would help you earn conversion results you’d have wished for.

Among the lingering list of strategies, pop out the unique SEO landing pages. These sure do help accomplish goals, but are hard to understand and have been used for quite some time now.

Let’s now see why & how to get the most out of your work, and the need of a landing page for your website.

Why are Landing Pages Important?

Firstly, landing pages lend a helping hand in converting visitors & onlookers into customers. This is made possible by guiding them past your homepage and onto the desired destination. This enables them to purchase or be enveloped in their personal subjective interests on the website.

Landing pages put light upon the metrics that you earn. For example, demographics, bounce rates, behaviours, etc. And they are a lot simpler when it comes to being evaluated for success, if compared to home & service page.

This way, you can assess the value of any given landing page and positively optimize it if required.

Experience and achievements can also be hoisted to symbolize trustworthiness. Distinct keywords can also be pinned up to ascend your rankings.

Do we need them for PPC and SEO? Let’s find out.

Oh yes. Both, PPC and SEO campaigns sure are supported by landing pages, despite one of them being focused upon producing advertising results and the other one on organic traffic.

They’d pinpoint keywords, steering viewers onto your preferred destination on the website.

And in order to make a conversion, the content and imagery must correspond with whatever that’s being promoted in the advertisement. This is the key difference with PPC landing pages.

On the other hand, your company’s relevancy should be conveyed to the targeted keyword search by the SEO landing pages.

Uniqueness of your business is highlighted, earmarking a certain section of audience which not only recapitulates visitors but also draws in new ones, increasing traffic.

Check-list for landing page optimization.

Only a completely optimized landing page can be effective, that’d help you draw on your SEO rankings and conversion rates, making your landing pages truly effective.

Here is a check-list that’d give rise to a top-notch landing page for your site.

  1. Create a template that’s simple yet attractive. Also make sure that it is easy to navigate.
  2. With a balanced character count of 35-50, the page title should include the targeted key phrase, along with the location.
  3. The best CTR requires well optimized meta-descriptions. The character numbering should be between 50 to 150.
    Tip: Phone number can be included for click-to-call.
  4. The URL to be used must be search engine-friendly. It must also have the targeted keyphrase along with the location.
  5. Use a headline that is suitable and relates well to the intended search.
  6. Original content with keywords is necessary. Explain what, why & how it’d relate to the intended search.
  7. Leave heads turned towards you by adding attractive images & videos.
  8. Have company contact information tagged upon a candid call-to-action.
  9. Include the Google Map while showcasing the local area. Also, embed your Google Local Listing on the map with a pin marker in case of a physical representation.
  10. In order to draw in loyalty & credibility, include seals, certifications, memberships & logos.
  11. Social sharing buttons should be strikingly evident.
  12. Highlight testimonials from every corner, onto top review sites.

Acceleration of your work with the use of the fetch tool.

Finally, we focus upon the “Fetch as Googlebot” Tool in the Google Search Console. Formerly known as the Webmaster Tool, this accelerates the functioning of the landing pages.

With this, you can directly submit your new page URL to Google’s index, without having to wait for weeks for them to be found.

Depiction of your SEO rankings depends upon how fast Google recognizes your optimized landing pages.

The primary element is traffic. A fine website is nothing without visitors. Therefore, landing pages are a must to draw in sufficient traffic and revenue.

Seize every pointer mentioned here in order to achieve a considerable amount of improvement in your SEO campaign for praiseworthy marketing results.

So if you need any help with designing landing pages for your website, do check out our features here. Alternatively, you can also email or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) for assistance.


Every marketer, business owner, publisher and blogger has a single point agenda “I want more click throughs”. Just like sales, bigger the expectation the higher the pressure. In order to achieve our highly ambitious target we tend to forget the main story:- There’s a real human behind every click.

If your marketing campaign is not being fruitful and the numbers are touching new low every day, it is probably because you are strictly following the procedure while neglecting the consumer’s behavior.  Forcing consumer to sign-up, the moment they landed on your page is not a good strategy. Put yourself in consumers shoes and question yourself that “Are you gonna fill out that comprehensive form the moment you have entered a site?” Well, Absolutely not.

This is why understanding your audience and then making strategy and content targeted specifically at them is a prerequisite.

We are going to highlight 3 tactics which you may want to consider while creating a marketing campaign.

1. Develop a Brand Strategy to Guide Your Campaigns

The best marketing campaigns are those which compel the user to make a decision without thinking hard. In other words, the most relevant and precisely crafted campaigns always succeed. But how can you create such perfect campaigns? : – By developing your brand strategy first.

Brand strategy is the culmination of brand’s vision, core values and customer personas outlined in one central document. Your brands strategy must guide and affect all your marketing efforts.

Three main ingredients to include while preparing brand strategy:

1. Simplicity

2. Consistency

3. Aliveness

Think your brand as a real person and then you will be able to customize every aspect of it. From characteristics to behavior and looks. Your new brand strategy will work as a base for your marketing efforts and enable you to create enchanting ones.

2. Optimize for Search Engines and People both.

Google roll-out new algorithms constantly and you have to come up with brand new methods of acquiring traffic. But one thing always remains the same and that is the human behind the clicks which hardly change their decision-making process.  So if you know what ticks your audience, you are going to win big time.

When you know who your audience is, what they desire and why they convert, you have a very important tool. Remember, you have to write for both search engine and audience.

3. Segment and Personalize Your Content

Personalize your content to such extent that it should feel like you are talking to your audience in person. Also, it should be specific because if your content is for everyone, then it really is for nobody.

If you’re creating and uploading content just because you have to, you have misinterpreted the Google’s algorithm. It should be of some use to the user otherwise piles of useless content will not take you any further. Make contents which complement both your business objective and user goal.

The blueprint to create a successful content marketing strategy.

  • Categorize your audience. As you have enough data to filter audience based on their behavior pattern, interest and need. The great content are those which are created in aligning with all three.
  • Relevancy is the key. Make sure that what you are showing them is relevant otherwise the greatest content will go unnoticed.
  • Prioritizing things before you even start will make your plan systematic. Three things which you should look for before starting campaigns is the potential business impact, technical effort to execute and the requirements needed to sustain it.
  • Don’t filter your audience too much or else you will end up spending thrice the time and effort. Also, there’s difference in being personal and being creepy, know it!
  • Be true to your company’s vision.


You have to target the human behind the click. Keep this basic yet very important aspect of marketing in mind and you will escalate your chances of reigning supreme.

In case you are understanding all the above tips and tactics but unable to implement it due to lack of technical knowledge or time, worry no more. We have got your back. We are serving in the field of internet marketing since 12 years and have a panel of experts who comes up with tailored strategies for every client. Write us your requirement or expectations at or just give us a call at 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free). We will be more than happy to assist you.



Internet nowadays is getting swarmed with a lot of Social networking opportunities and it hardly takes five minutes to get started with any of the social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram have become a part of our official routine tasks.

Such is the popularity of Twitter as a social media platform that you can leverage it to not only promote your blog but brand as a whole. But until and unless you are a public figure or have great brand presence or have a great number of followers, it’s not easy to get a lot of people tweet about your blog tweets. But there are some ways, through which you can surely improve on those numbers.

Top 7 Ways to Increase the Number of Tweets of your Blog Content

It’s surely is an art to get more people to tweet about your blog content that only comes with not only  improving your writing skills but also getting your basics right as in below.

1. Enable your Blog with a Twitter sharing button

This is a basic first step that you are required to be doing after setting up your twitter profile as such. It’s not a rocket science stuff to know that twitter enabled blog will rather make it easy for your online passerby to share it within their networking circles. Hence the position of the sharing button is crucial for getting it shared across. This is where a lot of businesses miss out with their choice of placing the sharing option at

1) Just after headline of the article and

2) At the end of the post and

3) On left side space.

We recommend adding a twitter button right at the bottom of your each individual posts should do the trick. You can even do some A/B testing methodology to locate the best placement for your social sharing buttons. Go with the placement that gets you more shares and likes. To achieve that, you can also put more than one sharing options on each of your page.

2. Optimize your blog for Mobile Friendly Experience

This is again a very basic approach that is amiss with a lot of blogging sites. You need to understand that there are a lot of active social smartphone users, who like to tweet through their twitter profiles than through their desktop or even on laptops. So, if you haven’t optimized your blog for a better mobile experience than you’re indeed wasting your time.

3. Create Impression with your Headline

This is vital for the success of your blog presence that each of your articles come along with curiosity generating headlines. You can do a bit of research from your twitter presence about what kind of headlines make an indelible impression on your potential customers. And when you have got the clear picture on those lines, start producing those impressive headlines. This will not only increase your blog shares on twitter but in turn will enable you to get more retweets on your shared articles.

4. Take the Expert’s Help

You can do well to follow some rules to leverage support from the relevant experts in your field of work.

  • Invite experts to do guest blogging opportunities on your site
  • explore linking opportunities with relevant experts blogs or articles
  • cite relevant information from other writers in your blog articles
  • Invite an expert to talk on a subject that you would like discuss at length on your blog.

When you use someone else’s creatives, don’t forget to mention them in your articles. Coz when you do that, they will do the same for you and that will help to only help you in terms of  increasing the reach of your blogging site.

5. Make Visually Appealing Content

Photos and videos can help you to create an indelible impression on your click through user and generate interest levels. Hence, try to accommodate them in your tweeted articles to arouse more curiosity amongst your readers. In fact the infographic study by Digital Marketing Philippines supports the idea that visual content is a sure way to increase shares and conversions on your twitter presence.

6. Share your “Thank You” message

Besides this, you can also ask your customers to do a favor by sharing your post across other users. This can be done graciously by following up your user’s comment with a “Thank You” share.

You can even ask your user to retweet your post by setting up a tweet and asking your visitors to do the needful. This is proven to be quite a useful tactic to further increase the tweets and shares of your content.

7. Offer them Incentives

The quality of your content will be the utmost priority and further to get the dice rolling in your favor, you can work on the below ideas and offer them incentives to do the needful.

  • Offer them concessions on online transactions (you can offer them up to 15% flat discount)
  • Offer them a copy of your e-booklet
  • Invite them for a shop a sale offer or a pre-book opportunity
  • Offer them discount coupons through mailers
  • Lure them with an exclusive opportunity

There are many ways to do it and in the process both parties get benefitted. So there’s no harm in leveraging it for your needs as such.

The Takeaway

There’s an old marketing thought that says “first give” in order to “receive something” in return. So, as a blogging professional, if you can give quality content that adds value to your customer and make it more convenient to share it across then your user will reward you with numbers in terms of tweets and shares of your content, which will ultimately determine the success or failure of your social marketing presence.

Don’t want to be left behind? Check out our social media packages to give your business the lead among your competitors. You can also request a SMO Audit Report worth $249 for FREE. Just email us at or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) to get started.



The reputation of your company comes before anything else and in a crisis like situation it’s better to speed up the recovery process and while you may think that you are left with limited number options then there’s where some PPC tactics can do wonders in the process of restoring your company’s online reputation management.

It certainly helps your cause, when you have an in-house team which constantly monitors your the paid search accounts  and also keeps a tab on the proceedings so that the urgent issues are taken care of at the right time and speed up the recovery process.

Check out these four as a part of your PPC tactic to deal with PR and ORM issues


  1. Search for new Keywords

So, when you find yourself in a PR crisis, then the first foremost thing that you need to do is to target new sets of keywords. This will not only open up a whole new world of opportunities (in terms of targeting new potential customers) but will also give you some breathing space (in terms of improving your search rankings).

  1. Tweak your sitelinks

Moving Further in a PR crisis, you may consider boosting your sitelink strategy. This can be achieved by linking your site with some corporate charity webpages, client’s testament or issuing a blog statement defending your company’s stance on the recent controversy.

You can use this approach for your branded campaigns but if you happen to find yourself in the controversy a little longer then you can simply modify your existing sitelink campaign by following best practices for relevance and AdWords policies.

  1. Fine-tune your Ad messaging

In case if you have no clue about how to handle a PR crisis then it’s you can hire a professional PR agency to do the needful on your behalf. Ensure that you are in the loop and direct your internal and external PR teams to speed up the process of recovery.

Let your PR team work on fine-tuning the PPC ad messaging, analyze the proposed ad structure and make sure that all your communication channels are working in tandem to bring about a positive change.

  1. Highlight your positive side

Highlight the positive initiatives or specialization or achievements or milestones that you and your firm may have achieved since its inception. You can prioritize the list after going through a brainstorming session with your client so as to ensure that you haven’t left any stone unturned. In the process, you may leverage your callout extensions as well.

Having said that, it’s better to start early then fill up holes later. But if you do find yourself in such a situation, you can find more ways of reacting to such crisis like situation by simply doing a Google search about it. But in case if you do need some help, these tips are more than handful.

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We tend to ignore the old things the moment when we get something new. Either it’s a car, bike or content. While riding your brand new car, sometimes you miss that feeling that memories associated with your old car, don’t you! You want to ride it again, but because your car is not in a running condition and you will have to repair it which is time consuming so just you drop the idea eventually.

This is what exactly happens with your old content. You think of your great content which you had written in the past and received quite the appreciation you expected. But since you have new content which is good and doing well, you just forget about your old one which still has the potential to lure the audience.

Well, if this is the case with you, then my friend you are also underutilizing a very Good tactic called “Republishing”. Remember that great content which you had written 3 years ago? And think that it is still useful and engaging. Then what is hindering you from doing that? Just make a move pal.

You can actually save time and energy by republishing your post. You just need to revamp it and make it updated, but the basic structure will remain the same and you will save on the time required to ideate, write, edit, structuring etc. It will not only save you time but will also provide you good rankings.

Now I have got your complete attention by mentioning the word “good rankings”  You will quickly grab the core idea with this instance: -

You were digging through the old library and found a brilliant article that you had written and published on your website 3 years ago about “How to make chocolate sandwich”.

You know that the content was great and it is still capable in engaging the audience.

You revamped that article and added some new ingredient and then republished your content. And hurray! People are not hitting the back button, in fact, they are engaged and reading till the last page.  This engaging process can’t go unnoticed by Google, and when Google sees visitors in your website for a very long time, it’s going to reward you with + points.

A small research conducted recently showed that a republished article was doing so good that from 2nd page the website made it to top 3. Google just cares about the user experience and if you are providing it, then you are entitled to get more visitors.

Why It Works

  1. Firstly be clear about how Google ranks your content. If you are running an authoritative website and you publish new content, Google sometimes puts it on the top results to see how is it performing and is it of some use to the searcher. If the visitors enter your website and don’t click the back button, Bingo! Your content just won Google’s approval. And as a token of appreciation Google will let your content remain in the same position for a while.
  2. Like everybody else, Google also likes fresh content. So if you re-craft your content and then republish it, you are going to receive a positive response from both the searcher and Google. So that’s another plus point of republishing.
  3. You look authoritative and also get to increase association with Google by publishing an article on same topic multiple times. You are offering lots of content and particularly more about specific subject i.e. “How to make a chocolate sandwich or chocolate dishes”. Google will analyze audience engagement rate with your website on that particular topic & will start to list you in the upper position of SERP as you are providing good content related to that keyword. Also it will give you good ranking in other keywords related to chocolate or making a sandwich which is awesome!
  4. More the content more the opportunities of earning links, amplification, shares, etc. So when you republish the article you will get another shot at reaching your targeted audience and getting all the stuff that influence ranking.
  5. You get better by time. So the content you have written 5 years ago will now be revamped by more skilled hands. And it’s not worth mentioning that what a high-quality content can do for you website.

Potential Processes

Basically, there are three ways to republish. Every process is different and its best to choose the one that suits you most.

  1. Publishing several pieces one after another.
  2. Replacing the old content with the new one.
  3. Redirecting old content to new one.

So choose your process and the content wisely which you are planning to republish. Also don’t forget to check the stats to know the specific number or exact engagement rate of your old article. Choose the best ones and republish it to enjoy higher rankings with minimal efforts.

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