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Often neglected, Google’s below par social networking handle will get a much-needed shot in the arm. Yes folks, we’re talking about Google’s long forgotten social networking site Google+.

Google’s VP, Bradley Horowitz recently made an announcement that they will refurbish two best features of its much less logged-in site, Communities and Collections.

The company said that the refurbishing idea took place on the basis of past two months of their existing Social Networking research. Based on the research, Google found that Communities, which acts as a social discussion forum, gets more than 1.2 million hits on a daily basis. Whereas Collections, which was recently launched in May as a dashboard feature to provide people and brands a better platform to share and organize their posts, is expanding at a faster rate.

That’s why the revamped Google+ dashboard features, Communities and Collections are in more prominent positions as compared to their previous isolated Home pull down menu position. The new dashboard has a more spacious feel to it than the older one.


On the recently drafted changes, a Google spokesperson said -

“We’ve made it easier to find Communities and Collections in search, post to Communities and Collections and browse all your favorite content in a beautiful new home stream. The new web experience loads fast and works beautifully on the smallest mobile screens and the biggest desktop displays.”

With that said, Google+ with its new dashboard features look will be available to users on the web as an extra opt-in option. The users can explore this option by clicking on “Let’s go” in the lower left corner of its dashboard functionality. Laced with the new look, these features can be expected to be launched for iOS and Android apps in the near future.


Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether Google+’s new sharing focus manages to equally interest both users and marketers, or not. Especially after several marketers expressed their heart felt condolences to Google+ as a marketing tool, could this development inject a new lease of life into Google+? Only time will tell.

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Celebrations have already begun, especially with Thanksgiving Day about to hit the town. As online shoppers are getting busy as ever ordering their stuff. A lot of E-commerce sites such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Macy’s are smiling their way to the bank. If HookLogic‘s recent Online Retail Sales Report is anything to go by then there has been a huge surge in E-commerce activities in the past week, with electronic and home decor items topping people’s wish list.

Thanksgiving Day may hit in a week’s time but there’s already a surge in users’ online activities. Especially where stats from November 9, 2015 to November 15, 2015 are concerned, the total views of product pages grew to the indexed value of 133, which is 33 more than the benchmarked value of 100. And last week was nothing different with the online tally touching 107. The online searchers are converting big time, taking the average conversion rate tally to 155 which is a big improvement from the previous tally of 112.


Besides that, the non-branded keywords searches dominated this year’s gifting season with “TV” heading the search list and “Laptop”, “Christmas Trees” and “Tablets” following suit. “Boots” which featured as the top entry last week, generated a lot of interest with “women’s boots” making it to people’s top online search list so far.

On the other hand, online shoppers were very much in awe of home decor items such as “Bedding”, followed by “Curtains”, “Rugs”, “Vacuum” and “Lamps”.


Continuing last week’s trend, online traffic from mobile devices still dominates the search scenario with smart search tally accounting for more than half of the searches, as compared to desktop searches which garnered only 49% of eyeballs.

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You’ve got great products and services that are of premium quality and come at a decent price. You have also designed a great website that is close to perfect from both UX and SEO’s perspective. You have also leveraged your online presence with social media profiles and by delivering wonderful products you have managed to receive positive reviews too.

So after getting all these things right, you just sit back and think that now your cash bell will ring continually and that your bank account will get credited with enormous dollars on a regular basis.

But, it’s not happening! Despite doing everything right, your website is not generating sales. You are seeing a lot of visitors via Analytics, but the conversion rate is too low.

Issue: – Maybe you have given attention to the big things but ignored the small details. To ensure the best outcome from your website, you have to give attention to even the minutest details since they can play a big part in sales.

We have analyzed some points where many fail to pay attention and thus are unable to generate sales as per expectations. Some issues and their tested and proven solutions are listed below.

1) Hammer your Call to Action

Call to action is the most important part of a site, as it will decide whether a user will leave as they come or after being converted into a customer. You have probably thought about it already and listed in your website. But just listing in one corner of the page will not work; hammer your call to action all over the website, without overdoing it. Users after reading your product description or content take a pause, as they decide what to do next. By repeating your call to action, you are actually suggesting them what they should do next. It’s like you are giving them a little push!

2) Maintain a Theme for Action Buttons.

Your user must be able to navigate through your website easily. Navigation elements and links guide users as per your plan. The links you want your users to click should stand out from the clutter. Red and green are the most popular colors for action buttons; it sets them apart from rest of the links. Be sure that all your action buttons, on every page are of the same color so that the user will automatically know where to click, leaving no room for guesswork.

3) Be Confident

You have a great product and you’re confident that it is unique! So what’s the matter in showing your confidence through the website? Don’t be shy and add a button like “Interested! Wanna buy?”; instead add boldly “Buy Now”. Don’t let them think twice before taking action.

4) Keep your Forms Short

Humans are becoming lazy day by day. So if you force a user to fill a comprehensive form, he will most probably leave your website. Just note down what information you really want to collect from the users and make the form filling process as short and simple as possible. The best format will be to let them fill only two fields i.e. name and email address. But in case you require a phone number or something alike, just add one more field, but no more than that.

5) Benefits Attract Humans, Always!

So, by following all the above tips you have finally lured the user to your sales page. And right now he is standing on the other side of the line of becoming a customer. So what now? How will you encourage him to go ahead? Well, you can actually cash on human behavior here. Benefits always lure people and placing the offers right next to the sales button can work wonders. Just list the “Buy now to save upto 20%” or get “50% cash-back” or any offer that you are currently providing.

6) How Will it Benefit Me?

You have a good product and you’re talking about it over and over again; like the list of feature and how unique your product really is, etc. But as a customer I will not buy anything unless and until it will benefit me!

So list those features and talk about your products, but in a subtle way. The most enticing thing you can do is to talk about the benefits that users will get from your products and craft the whole copy around it.

7) Build Smarter Forms

Don’t you like it when you go to a website to buy something and see that a form is already half filled for you. Ah! What a relief. Well everyone likes these sort of time and energy saving forms.

You can also set it up for your website. It may seem like magic or an advanced level of artificial intelligence, but you will be surprised to know that it’s not as difficult and complicated as it looks.

Cookies and Geolocation help a lot in filling up forms, and mostly they are accurate. You can also display the form with preloaded values which will be validated once you hit submit.

By providing such convenience, you’re pleasing your users by making their lives easier.

8) Designs, Copy and Photos Must be Good.

Your product packaging should leave eyes wide open and sparkling. The images and designs that you are using for your products must be enticing and relevant. When I was in an advertising firm, we were taught that to compel users to your ads or products everything including photos, copy and concept should be in line.

Just posting any image that appeared on iStock or Shutter Stock is not gonna help. You should concentrate on getting the best possible picture for your product. Search intensely and bring out the best image or hire an illustrator or a designer instead.

9) Think from Users’ Perspective

The content of your website should be targeted specifically to the audience. Replace the words “I” and “We” with “You”. Look at your website from the user’s perspective. Stop judging your website from your own point of view. This will make searchers feel that the website was thoughtfully made, keeping their needs and goals in mind.


By implementing above tips and tactics, you can boost your sales and get expected results. But don’t expect results overnight, or imagine some kind of magic to happen. Your website will perform slowly and steadily. However, the above listed issues are not all the problems your website might be facing. There can be some other issues as well. In case you want assistance write to us at sales@ebrandz.comspecifying your problem or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free).


Reddit’s Co-founder Steve Huffman and the newly sworn-in CEO brought some changes to Reddit’s dashboard functionality. One of them was replacing the questionable Shadowban with suspension of your existing Reddit account.

Defining Shadowban?

Shadowban is often used to block people, who get caught breaking Reddit’s user guidelines. Hence, shadowbanning a Redditter’s account makes his questionable content invisible to others; only to be seen by him when he logs in to his account. As a result, barring Moderators no one else is allowed to have access to such controversial accounts, which restricts other users from seeing the content they posted and the user page.

If you are not sure about the existing status of your account then just try to search for your profile pages after logging out of your Reddit account. And in case, you are unable to access your existing profile page then chances are your profile may have been shadowbanned. Alternatively, you can also track your account status by using the link /r/shadowban/ and upload your account URL to reveal the true status of your account.

Click here to revoke the shadowbanned status of your account or send your requests to Reddit’s contact e-mail id.

But you no longer need to do that coz Reddit recently announced that Shadowban will now make way for complete suspension of your account, as stated below:

“Today we’re rolling out a new type of account restriction called suspensions. Suspensions will replace shadowbans for the vast majority of real humans and increase transparency when handling users who violate Reddit’s content policy.”

But it’s still not clear what kind of impact it will have on the previously shadowbanned accounts’ status or the possibility of a new move to revoke the shadowbanned status of your accounts.

What Reddit says about it:

The Suspended Account functionalities

  • Only Reddit admin executives have the authority to suspend Reddit accounts and not the moderators.
  • Reddit account holders get notified about the reason and duration of their account suspension.
  • Click here to know more on how users get notified about the suspension of their account.
  • In-turn, suspended users are also allowed to file an appeal against the same.
  • The accounts can be suspended on temporary as well as permanent basis, which completely depends upon the seriousness of the infringement of the Reddit users’ guidelines.

Account Suspension After-Effects

Not only are the suspended users’ accounts narrowed to the read-only status, it also strips them completely of the following activities

  • Barred from Voting
  • Updating posts
  • Making Comments
  • Sending PMs to other users

Besides that, moderators who are passing the suspension term can’t perform any of these forbidden activities.

Click here for more info on the forbidden activities of a suspended account.

Despite that, users are always allowed to edit/delete posts or comments while serving temporary or permanent suspensions.

Desktop users can view a bloop window or a notice page, when they try to perform a forbidden activity. Whereas app users may get notified with an error notification, which varies according to app developers’ requirements.

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Your internal search function draws in terms typed in by customers. And these terms certainly do turn out to be valuable, presenting useful data.

Site search can be improved with the data that you receive, as it helps you understand user behaviour. Let us now look at how this data can be put to the best of uses.


To give users a clearer picture into the product & your services, a very well-known site search term must be put to use.

Search results could be optimized to ensure that the stocked products are prominently displayed.


Buyers who keep a track of changing demands and judge sites for products that aren’t currently stocked, can make the most of the data available on top site searches.

Users can get a better picture of the most popular products if they could perceive the top search terms. Merchandisers, in the same way, could also benefit from this.

For instance, Samsung is the most popular term when one looks for a mobile phone. A person who sells mobile phones would then have a better idea on the product he should primarily showcase and the category page on which he should do it. All thanks to the data!


A disappointing site search result can mean one of two things. It could either mean no return of results for searches or it could mean too many results.

Too many results on a single page can leave a customer all confused, being unable to point out the preferential product.

In order to avoid this, filtration is a good option. Or you could also place the top rated or best-selling products on top of the list.


Searches swing as per festivities and other trends. Hence, we need to keep an eye on people’s requirements to gain competitive advantage. You could take the scenario during Christmas. During this time people go looking for Christmas gifts and other festive products. And this shopping stance makes it quite obvious for retailers and shoppers to place the right products on the desk at the right time. PPC campaigns could also benefit them.


The top results on the first page should witness the highest number of clicks. If things ain’t working in this manner, it only signals at irrelevancy in the results.


This shows how well the site search results fared and the extent to which the visitors were engaged.

For example: If you find users clicking through pages, going all the way to page 5 or 6 of your site search results, would it mean that finding the right item isn’t easy?


Having a specific benchmark is necessary if you want to compare & identify possible issues. And what needs to be compared is the percentage of visitors that use your site search feature; it varies for different sites.


Prominence is a key factor if it showcases a low percentage of site search usage. Either ways, too much of usage could also reflect second rate navigation.

Cast your eyes on the above image showcasing the usage of ClickZ’s site search with a low percentage. Publishers seem to perceive it in an even lower standard.


Here we’re talking about perceiving keyword values from search boxes. PPC strategies can be formed around those converted most effectively. Other marketing teams can also benefit from it, as it provides added focus for campaign planning.


The terms that you target via SEO or PPC can vary from the keywords that are used on your site by people. In such cases, you could easily find a lot more relevant terms to target by analysing site search data.

Keywords used inside your website and on search engines could also be very much the same.

And it’s not just your idea of what people look for that reflect how & what they actually search for. The language, or the dialect, also determine the search statistics.


‘Search Exit’ is a factor that basically determines the relevance of a site search. This is calculated by assessing users who leave the site after viewing the site search results.


The effectiveness of your site search function can change to a great degree and can be evident. This would take place if you thoroughly understand and analyse the search activities going on within your website.

SEO and PPC are the other marketing methods that could be optimized with the help of this.

Let us also keep looking out for other things apart from these mentioned here. For more information, email us at or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free).


traffic-dropOpening Google Analytics and seeing the web traffic go down is a nightmare. However, panicking over the issue is not needed since websites and the methods of acquiring traffic, both have become more complex than ever. Finding out the source of the problem and resolving it can uplift the traffic again. Below are the major areas you should investigate when having such issues.


Look Closely at Traffic Source Changes

When you first see a downfall in traffic, go to Acquisition > overview and recheck all the traffic sources. A downfall in Organic Search indicates SEO problems. If there’s a lot of referral traffic from various websites and social media and if it is currently down, then ensure the continuity of running ads and links.

Examine On-Page Elements

In these cut-throat times for high traffic, a slight change in the optimized title tag can drag a page or the whole website down in search rankings. Ensure that the title tag remains as it is and that the meta information is correct. Make sure that all inner pages are not marked as ‘nofollow’, otherwise Google bots will not be able to follow the links and it will cause a downfall in rankings. H1 & H2 are extremely crucial and only removing a target keyword can make your website miserable.

Google Webmaster Tools to your Rescue

Be on the alert mode, always! Because Google penalties do not come with warnings. So login to webmasters tools and check all messages.

If you see a downfall in the index section of the webmaster tool, it means that Google is not able to index your website due to some reason. Find out the problem!

Crawl errors – 404 annoys Google as much as the users. Too many 404 errors will not only make your website inferior to Google but also to the users. Maybe they will never come back! So check the issue and fix it ASAP.

Not setting up Robots.txt file properly will lead to major problems. Use tester tools to allow Google bots to crawl the right pages and sections of your website.

Recheck Page Redirects

For all your redirected pages ensure that 301s are still in place. Removed and broken 301 will direct all your traffic to a 404 Error page, and we all know that Google hates 404. Too many of them will compel it to penalize your site.


Above are some of the main things one can do when they see a downfall in traffic. However, there are still many other things like canonical tag issues and broken navigation links which cause websites to crash and affect the traffic. If your website is still failing to lift up after many attempts, write your specific problem to or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) for assistance.



Despite conceding a 2% social log-in deficit, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the one who’s laughing all the way to the bank. The reason being, Facebook recorded another blockbuster quarter by registering a $4.5 billion earning in its third quarter financial report of the year. Well, that was expected of the social networking giant, which attracts more than one billion daily users and eight billion daily video views on a regular basis.

Not only that, the No.1 social networking site also believes in keeping businesses and marketers happy by providing them with more online business solutions than ever before. Here are four actionable takeaways that one can expect from the social referral giant:

Leverage Facebook and Instagram’s combined platform reach

Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg makes a point or two when she states that businesses can also leverage Facebook’s platform to subscribe Instagram’s Ad services to market their product better. This in-turn expands the visibility of their brand that is increasingly becoming smart phone friendly. Moreover, she says that an average American adult spends 20 percent, out of the total 25 percentage of mobile browsing time, on either Facebook or Instagram.

She was quoted as saying

Businesses are lagging behind consumers in making this shift to mobile, and we believe we’re well positioned to help them catch up. Facebook Pages are already the mobile solution for millions of businesses. Pages now offer better messaging capabilities, call-to-action buttons and news sections that enable businesses to highlight important information.

More SME’s opting for Facebook’s video option

These days, a lot of businesses are tapping Facebook’s video feed potential to explore further sales opportunities. In fact, since September this year around 1.5 million SMEs posted videos on both organic and paid platforms.  Explaining this point further, Sandberg added, “That’s not happening at that high a level on any other platform, but with us it’s cheap, it’s very easy to use and that gives us a way to continue to work with SMBs and increasingly grow our business with them”.

Larger enterprises too are effectively using the medium as a part of their TV campaigns. Sheryl mentioned a Neilsen survey report which indicates that the marketers, who are currently exploring Facebook’s popular video option to effectively market their TV ad campaigns, not only maximized their reach but also experienced a surge in the brand recall rate to go alongside the likeability factor. For instance, GMC effectively leveraged Facebook’s video ad platform to extend their brand visibility, which registered a growth of 13 points in its ad recall rate and a surge of six points in brand likeability factor.

Sandberg further added

Video on Facebook gives marketers not just mass reach, but better cross-device targeting and measurement than we believe is available on any other platform.

IKEA’s Smart move

Not only that, larger set-ups are getting more creative in terms of exploring more advertising opportunities on Facebook. A recent example of that is IKEA, who smartly used carousel ads in Norway when their stores were closed.

Sandberg states that

[T]hey turned a $35,000 investment in carousel ads into $2 million in sales which happened precisely when they want it to happen”. That’s a direct response ad buy because it’s very specific carousel ads product but it’s also a brand play for them as they strengthen their brand and get people to interact with them as they want them to.

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads Support is generating favorable response

She further added that after its February launch this year, Facebook’s dynamic product Ads are providing more opportunities to businesses to market their products effectively on Facebook’s ad platform and reaping dividends in terms of better ROI. However, she didn’t back up her claim with any specific evidence. But she did add that brands like Marriott and the Latin-American e-commerce set-up, MercadoLibre are using it to remarket their products and services in 13 other countries around the world. Sandberg further added that both the above-mentioned companies are currently seeing it as a better investment option after witnessing a surge in their ROI.

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More people than ever are exploring the benefits of tablets. A recent study shows that by the end of 2015, there will be approximately 1 billion tablet users in the world, representing 15% of the global population. The number has more than doubled in just three years and it is expected that this number will escalate to 1.43 billion by 2018.

Google recently conducted a survey on the usage of tablets. What people mostly do on tablets and how is their experience while doing the process.

We all know that Google constantly tries to enhance the user experience. Be it local search, changes in algorithms, introducing artificial intelligence and what not. So how can they remain behind in catering to such a huge and rapidly growing market.

Previously the tab interface was a combination of desktop and mobile design. By analyzing user behavior, Google came to the conclusion that to cater the huge market of tablets, they need a tailored interface. Hence, Google has silently launched a new interface exclusively for tab users.

The new interface comes with a thinner navigation bar placed on top and has plenty of white space on both the sides of search results.

Below is the screen-shot of New Google Tablet interface.

Android device.


iOS device.


The local results will now appear on the entire page.

You can expect a lot of updates in the future as well. Will keep you updated regarding the matter but in case you want to get enlightened on different aspects of Internet marketing, feel free to email us at or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) for assistance.



People generally assume that SEO is just for increasing rankings in search page results. But the fact is it only one side of the coin.

SEO is more about identifying the exact thing a consumer is looking for in the website and identifying the value a brand can provide on that moment to the users.

Since you already know that Google growingly appraises user behaviour indication. The factor that decides user experience such as Page load time, mobile friendliness, button size on small screens and many others are used as signals for the organic search algorithm.

SEO is not about just keywords anymore. It’s more about understanding the core need of consumers and not to mention how, where and when. This has made SEO evolve from pinching metatags to enhancing one’s brand’s digital ecosystem. Hence, the SEO now effects the user engagement on a site and rankings equally!

“UX & SEO” are Highly interrelated and, as a result, you will see over 5 million Google results for this search term.


SEO pundits bank on search data to bring an experience obliged towards the searcher. On the other hand, UX designer count on interactions, wireframes and storytelling to carry that same experience. Thus, UX designers had the design framework SEO requires and SEO possess the data which UX needs.

So it’s vital to understand that SEO & UX both work great together and, as a result, the design becomes usable & high performing & so does the website.

Things that occur when UX & SEO works together to fulfil the same goal is listed below:

1) A convenient and examinable website

A website will be marked as useful if the users can find it. A searchers experience starts before even entering into a website. This is why searchable websites are convenient and receive more traffic.

2) Wonder happens when UX designer get armed with search data.

SEO pundits use keyword data to recognize the search pattern of the user and what topics they search for. If the UX designers will be provided by this invaluable data two things will occur.

First: Generally design decision is based on sample size, so it is not tailor-fit for the users. If they will get the real life data of the users, they can provide highly relevant design experience since they exactly know what their users care about the most.

Second: The SEO perception will be based on site experience, which will help them position the website in the best possible way.


3) No more clicks to broken links

A user which is eager to get more and more information about the topic he is reading can click on broken links as well since he doesn’t have the patience to figure out where the desired content is on the website.

So if the SEO and UX will work together they can provide the desired content to the user with ease.

4) Enhanced convenience and creativity

Removing the SEO obstacle often leads to enhanced site architecture.

For instance: A proposed website design was hindering optimization for highly relevant topic, so we modified the architecture and templates to house this additional content.  As a result, the website design and architecture became more appealing and convenient.

Thus, the teamwork of SEO expert and UX designer resulted into serving SEO goal while improving the design and resources eventually available to the user.

In case you are willing to opt for such convenient, creative and SEO friendly website, we can be of your help. You can check our experience, offerings and testimonial to form a good idea about the quality of our services. You can also write us your requirements on or simply ring the bell on 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free).



As the social competition heats up to grab more eyeballs, every top listed social networking solution is trying to be at their creative best in changing their social experience to suit their audience taste. After Google and Facebook, now it’s the turn of the second-ranked social networking site i.e. Twitter.

Twitter recently made a significant change in its user’s dashboard experience by replacing the nine years old Favorites tag to match Facebook’s likes with a new “Likes” option and even changing its iconic “Star” appeal to make way into user’s heart with a new “Heart” symbol.

The only reason behind Twitter’s recent dashboard tweaks was to overtake the popularity of the no.1 ranked social networking site Facebook, which is currently experiencing a dip in its social log-in market share value. Besides that, the dashboard tweaks are aimed to make it that much more convenient for the user to understand and hopefully will get the dice rolling in terms of effectively growing its presence.


For users, it was one of their “Favorites” quirky feature of the overall Twitter functionality but after a sudden demise will hopefully won’t result into any “Heart” breaks as such. Despite their quirky nature, some readers use to bookmark tweet contents containing links for later use and others utilized it to express their emotions to the author of the tweets: whether you Hate fave it or LoL fave it but it was always too-hot-to-handle these retweet Fave’s and when the dialogue’s taking an ugly turn, you can even use it as conversation-ending Fave’s with many more such memories attached to it. Of course, it’s increasing functionality was often misunderstand by the recipient and that possibly the reason behind Twitter’s recent dashboard tweak as Twitter’s Product Manager, Akarshan Kumar tries to explains through the blog post as below:

We want to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use, and we know that at times the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers. You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favorite.

The heart, in contrast, is a universal symbol that resonates across languages, cultures and time zones. The heart is more expressive, enabling you to convey a range of emotions and easily connect with people. And in our tests, we found that people loved it.

The recent move by Twitter is a long time planned one, with “favorites” now making way for the “likes” in its dashboard functionality. From past three years, it was in beta stages before Twitter actually started to test it out via mobile apps. Among its regular users, investor Chris Sacca also came out supporting the twitters recent dashboard tweaks saying:

“A very high bar is set by using the word ‘Favorite’ on Twitter. Favorite is a superlative. It implies a ranking. In the early days of Twitter many of us interpreted the word literally and only keep a few Tweets in our favorites that were truly, well, our favorites. Today, many of my friends and I use the star as a ‘Like’ button equivalent or even a simple acknowledgment that we saw a Tweet. Whereas other people use favorites as bookmarks. However, the majority of users are baffled by favorites and they don’t end up using the star much, if at all.”

“It is high time to introduce “Hearts” to Twitter. For years, folks at Twitter struggled with whether to use a more casual gesture. Suggestions even included buttons that said “Good” or “Thanks.” It is now clear from across the Internet and throughout the world of apps that the heart is universally understood and embraced. (In fact, Periscope’s unlimited heart repetition has elevated the social feedback loop to a mind-blowing new level.) If Twitter integrated a simple heart gesture into each Tweet, engagement across the entire service would explode. More of us would be getting loving feedback on our posts and that would directly encourage more posting and more frequent visits to Twitter.”

Surprisingly, Twitter’s planning of events perfectly matches Facebook’s cognitive thinking to move beyond the domain of “likes”. Not only that, Facebook is currently beta testing (in Ireland and Spain) a lot of such expressive emotions to provide more viable “emoji like” options to its users.

Twitter’s aiming more consistency in terms of its feature across its other sister concerns as well. That’s why it will induct “hearts” in its “Vine” scheme of things replacing the smiley icon while launching Periscope, last year, as the live streaming solution with the option.

The newly inducted “Hearts” icon will make the cut simultaneously across the three platforms viz the iOS, Android and Windows 10 with more alternatives given to the users to access it from And it will soon be a part of “Mac” users shorthand lingo as well.

For the moment, all we can say is R.I.P “Favorites” and Welcome “Hearts”.

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