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7 SEO Techniques for Businesses

Get your pen & paper out and note down these basic yet important points that’ll enhance your business.


Greetings everybody. Today is a day like any other, as we step outside with hopes high. So let’s make this day different by raising it higher. Enough of mellow morning talks. Let’s spring back onto our subject of discussion. Yes, Search Engine Optimization. These days, every 3rd person around us would know what SEO is, and a man backed by business would most certainly know what SEO means. But, how many of us actually know how to make the best use of it. That’s the only way we’d  pounce our way to prosperity & success. Let’s see the 7 interesting techniques of SEO that businessmen like you can make the most of.

Technique #1 focuses on optimizing title tags.                                                                                 

On every website, each of its page should have its own unique title tag. Although, not all are equal.

A good title tag should ideally comprise of 65 characters to make it look sleek & intriguing. Also, include your brand name in it along with keywords that focus upon the product and its service.

Making it informative is equally essential, since it gives the reader a basic idea about the product. In the process, avoiding stuffing titles with excessive keywords like ‘offers, discounts, coupons etc.’, since they tend to frustrate users.

Here’s Technique #2.

Creating compelling meta descriptions that talk about the brand. The summaries typed into these categories should talk about at least one mentioned keyword, and should not exceed the character-count of 160. Your site’s Click-Through Rate is the thing that’s marked up with the help of the meta descriptions and their snippets found on search engine results. Writing the meta descriptions in a magnetizing manner is how you’ll lure in clicks from the visitors who’d pass by competitors.

The 3rd Technique talks about utilizing keyword-rich headings.

Everybody wishes to improve their overall SEO website value. And the only way to do that is by adding the headings loaded with showy keywords. Not only are the words in the tags added weight by the search engines but they also allow the readers to scroll through the content efficiently and with ease.

Technique #4 is about ALT tags on images

Compulsorily add ALT tags to images posted upon your web pages. What ALT tags did was to add more information about the content on the screen, promoting it via text-to-speech devices for visually impaired website visitors. And, instead of stuffing your ALT tag with keywords, use it to precisely describe images upon the website along with the naturally occurring keyword phrases.

The Technique #5 talks about building internal links between pages.

Creating internal links that connect different pieces of content assist the search engine spider to classify site’s pages by a great degree. For instance, try having your ‘Contact Us’ or ‘About Us’ page linked onto every page in the website body instead of just having it on the navigation bar.

Creating a Sitemap is Technique #6

Now, we’ll tell you what a Spider is and what it does. ‘Spiders’ come crawling in, into the world of SEO, which are otherwise known to be search engines’ indexing programs. The important role of analysing new websites and adding their content to the lists of pages that can be displayed in response to user queries, is done by them. Hence, optimizing content for natural search traffic can be taken care of by facilitating the easy movement of the spider programs.

Regular updating of your site is Technique #7

Meeting users’ needs by serving satisfaction is exactly why periodical updating of a website is necessary. More up-to-date information bring about additional keywords that allow your website to be flashed upon search engines conjuring up bolstered traffic. A clever strategy of updating your website is via blogs & news sections. This leads to readers herd up with interest to know what your business is all about.

Well, deploying all of these 7 traits won’t get you on top the very next day. These tricks of trade certainly need to be accompanied by patience to sweep in success.

Well, if you need any help, we would be happy to assist you. Just connect with us at sales@ebrandz.com or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free). Alternatively, you can also request a comprehensive SEO Audit of your website worth $200 for FREE.