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How to set up goals based on your site objectives?

One issue that anxious site owners and webmasters often face is getting relevant insights about Google Analytics data. They all have created an Analytics account, but look merely at page views or the total number of visitors that they draw. This is not a correct approach, when it comes to leveraging the potential of this powerful free Web Analytics tool to know more about their users. The in-depth data dug out from it can definitely help better target the prospect for enhanced conversions. That is what we shall try to check in this particular post: Continue reading

Tracking the effectiveness of your webpage conversions

To make use of the Website Optimizer tool, you are simply required to choose the important aspects that you want to thoroughly test. These can include areas like headline, select copy text, image, or promo text. Then an experiment is done across cross-section of the site traffic. The idea is to help you discover exactly what format and type of content appeals to your site visitors and the one they respond to best. Continue reading

Basic ideas to improve your business site’s conversion rate

Once the optimization is properly done, the conversion rate is bound to improve. By optimizing the page, the cost per conversion can be brought down dramatically. When testing your site with Google Website Optimizer tool or similar such tools, you need not worry too much about any misleading metrics. Microconversions or other such metrics can be ignored. The testing process should be authentic and not intended at hurting users’ privacy, though. Continue reading