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Video hosting and sharing sites jostle to attract advertisers

Niche content is finding acceptance and appreciation on the long tail of the Internet, especially the user-driven social sites. Google’s popular video-sharing site is going ahead with its plan announced late last year to spend about $100 million. Keen to back up video programming, the company is funding aspiring filmmakers, writers, artists, and proven online hit makers with grants in the range of few hundred thousand to a million dollars and more. Continue reading

Importance of ethical means to gather video viewcounts

Promotion through a viral video can be highly effective when it comes to growing your audience. Keeping this in mind, YouTube encourages users to promote their content on and off of the site. As we have already discussed, it’s difficult to gauge what exactly will ‘click’ in the vast viral video world. As a result, certain marketers are tempted to resort to undesirable and unethical means especially in the face of growing competition to grab as many viewers’ attention. Continue reading

How to ensure branding through SEO of key YouTube page elements?

YouTube is among the most popular platforms for online video viewing. Marketers should look to leverage it by constantly uploading new product-oriented videos, catchy commercials and other interesting clips to it. This is necessary to access the general public that forms its vast audience base. Optimizing for YouTube will help popularize the brand on the internet and engage your prospects in a proactive manner. Continue reading

Five essential ingredients of successful video SEO

Google’s keenness to rank videos higher in SERPs has enabled websites with quality video content to climb up the search ladder fast by scoring well in the Google index. A Forrester Research found concludes that videos were more likely to get an organic first-page ranking than traditional webpages. Continue reading