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Who owns an ‘official’ social account – the company or employees?

How much indeed is an innocuous tweet worth it? How much exactly does a follower on Twitter cost? The value of those isolated individual updates on the popular social network appear to be rather negligible in context of base economic terms; after all, a quick take on it is nothing but a few bits of harmless data sent via the Internet? Well, that’s not always the case! Continue reading

How to build your identity on business networking sites?

It is imperative for managers and leaders to highlight their professional excellence as well as create a buzz about businesses they are associated with by leveraging a professional networking site.  Your LinkedIn profile is in effect, a logical extension of your fledgling brand identity. Continue reading

Practical examples of effective social media usage by small businesses

Any professional, looking to make use of LinkedIn, should try to do more than merely snooping around. Let us consider the practical cases of two ambitious entrepreneurs, who have skillfully leveraged the reach and power of all-pervading social media to spread their business. Continue reading

How can your business successfully leverage online community platforms?

The rapid emergence of dynamic community platforms probably has been among the most exciting developments in the domain of technology over the recent years. They have brought about a revolutionary change in digital marketing techniques by allowing even smaller companies to build communities on the Internet. Following are some of their advantages: Continue reading

How to personalize your request for a new connection on LinkedIn?

Most of us have already done this: signing into LinkedIn, glancing at the ‘People You May Know’ box and then recognize a few important names. They may well be college friends, former colleagues or perhaps professionals you have never met previously, who all would make a useful contact. Continue reading