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Who owns an ‘official’ social account – the company or employees?

How much indeed is an innocuous tweet worth it? How much exactly does a follower on Twitter cost? The value of those isolated individual updates on the popular social network appear to be rather negligible in context of base economic terms; after all, a quick take on it is nothing but a few bits of harmless data sent via the Internet? Well, that’s not always the case! Continue reading

Why is it vital to ‘listen’ to online conversations?

When it comes to managing online reputation of a brand, several factors come into play. There are issues like how to document the highly dynamic social media communications, different advertising material and all sorts of client communications – both generic and specific. In essence, electronic data management is becoming very vital. If you don’t preserve it, you may lose it and thus perhaps land yourself in trouble at some stage. Continue reading

Social media and customer engagement

If your brand has a poor reputation on the Web, there is not really any simplistic, one-step formula to rectify the situation in quick time. In fact, a slow and steady relationship building exercise to engage the prospects – both offline and online – is the most effective means of gaining and sustaining the reputation you want. Be aware of the fact that to build credibility for your brand, what you need is patience, persistence and passion. It cannot be achieved overnight. Undue haste is not going to help your cause. Continue reading