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Tips to manage your search marketing campaigns on Microsoft-Yahoo ad platform

Yahoo search users in Britain, France and Ireland will start seeing ads from Microsoft’s adCenter from next week onwards, as the two tech companies reach the final lap of long-due transition in form of the MSFT-Yahoo search alliance in Europe. And as part of it, search advertisers still on Yahoo! platform in these countries will be required to migrate to the latter, since Yahoo Search Marketing accounts there will soon denote read-only status. Continue reading

Bing’s dynamic approach to whole page relevance

In an effort to enhance its search results quality, Bing is bringing about an array of changes, encompassing not just webpages, but also including news items, images, maps, videos and other relevant media objects in answers thrown to specific user queries. As it readies to take on Google and other engines, Bing is infusing more zing into those ubiquitous blue links along with summaries. Continue reading

Search major strives to provide more recent, relevant results

Google has unveiled a set of improvements in its powerful search algorithm. The changes are aimed at helping it better decide when and how to give people more relevant and up-to-date results. Numerous scientists, engineers and analysts associated with the search engine major continuously work on further refining search results, and with a good reason at that. Here’s why… Continue reading