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‘Creative’, ‘effective’ and so on… list of LinkedIn Buzzwords

With the New Year ushering in, the LinkedIn research team felt it would be a perfect occasion to release its insights and analyses from 2011 to provide a cue for 2012 as how to best leverage the professional social network, rather how not to. It refreshed its list of overused buzzwords by job seekers and others in the official domain! Continue reading

Ideas to successfully leverage a business networking site

There are different aspects of leveraging a business networking site like LinkedIn for growing your business and be assured of a decent ROI.  Apart from boosting the sales, a consistent relationship building exercise can also enhance your credibility as a domain leader as well as the marketability of your brand. Continue reading

Four ideas for smaller businesses to thrive with smart social media usage

Business networking sites have effectively created a level playing field for smaller businesses in terms of marketing. They can not only survive, but also thrive with help of social media. Just a few basic things need to be kept in mind for their proper usage. The following ideas sure will help you to use a popular business networking site like LinkedIn in the most effective and focused manner. Continue reading