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Tips to deal with customer feedback

A negative review means you might have missed out on a great business opportunity, hence it is very important to respond to reviews – positive or negative. Timely response to online reviews is the right approach to learn from your mistakes and build business goodwill. You should be more careful while dealing with vocal or touchy customers. Review sites let business owners respond in private or in public to user reviews. Continue reading

Elements critical to building your brand’s trust quotient

Social Media is now a must-use tool for modern marketers, lookinst g for effective ways and means of customer engagement. Popular social networks provide emerging as well as established brands with new ways of reaching out to a wider audience in the most cost effective manner. Continue reading

Brands look for expert help to manage their social media presence

In their keenness to leverage the power of Internet, many corporate entities are experiencing an undesirable side effect – an apparent inability to track all the ephemeral ideas, thoughts and messages that they are dispatching into the vast cyberspace where a minor negative ripple can turn into a tumultuous tornado, tarnishing the online reputation of a brand before the managers and owners could realize it. The experience can indeed get scary and nerve-wracking. Continue reading