Handy tools to leverage social media

Brand image, as all of us would readily agree, is essentially about building meaningful and lasting relationships with existing and new customers. How do you achieve this? In this backdrop, you may seek help of several social media tools that can play a powerful role in proactive customer engagement.
Timely.is: This tool lets you find out the time period during the day when users most often check your posts. It arms you with the ability to post your tweets during the peal user activity. Accordingly, you may organize your tweets in advance so that they are online during peak times. It works in the following manner: 1. Insert your tweets into Timely; 2. It publishes them when they enjoy the highest impact; 3, You draw more retweets, mentions and hence followers.

The tool claims to analyze your last 200 odd tweets, to judge the best time slots during which they can go live. It uses this information in order to auto-schedule all your tweets and further fine tunes the process as your followers grow in number. It also shows you native as well as classic re-tweets, alongside clicks plus the reach for each tweet.

Polly.IM: This as a tool activated to constantly monitor a business account on Twitter. The idea was to help owners grasp what users say about their brand, products and services. Unfortunately, it’s no longer in service. Why did it shut down despite its growing popularity.
Here’s the reason: “Usage unfortunately grew to a level where the amount of resources and servers necessary to support it simply cost too much for it to carry on as a free service. It may still be back as a paid service at some stage in the future. Watch out for it!

Roost: It’s especially useful for small businesses, allowing the owners to generate a single post and dispatch at the same time to their Facebook and Twitter pages. All one needs to do is just select the time and date for each post to go out. It makes pertinent suggestions so that the impact of it can be maximized. Roost Campaign Creator helps manage multiple social campaigns with help of suggested content plus Roost Circles.

It claims to serve as a vibrant social marketing platform by building tools to increase engagement and thus the impact of social media campaigns. Giving an idea of how it can be used, the site mentions: “Keep your friends, followers and fans up to date with the latest news, daily specials, offers and promotions from your business. Use the RoostBar in order to grow your network and create brand awareness. Launch conversations and form real relationships with your fans.”

We shall check a few more social media tools, which can save businesses precious time and resources even while successfully leveraging the power and reach of all-encompassing social media.