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Ever wondered how & why Social Media is responsible for your company’s SEO progress? Start reading…


Well, your search rankings certainly are affected by social media, but not in the manner in which you think. Interactions into the ranking algorithms and social influence aren’t directly factored by Google. But don’t you slow down your social marketing methods or ignore social channels after glancing upon this point.

It’s all about Results, not social sharing

If a good ranking is what you’re looking for, look away from social profiles as they’d do you no good. As Facebook states, 5.5% to 11.2% of monthly active users, that if reformed count up to 67.65 to 137.76 million, are fake / duplicate accounts. It clearly shows why social ‘presence’ doesn’t increase rankings.

Activity on social platforms is what’s necessary and what brings about an increase in rankings. More users come about to participate in these activities due to the visibility that arises. Sounds simple, but materializing this is not that easy a task.

Encouraging Content

Content certainly would have to be alluring in order to draw immense amounts of attention. A boring content would quite obviously have pages being turned. For more clicks, businesses certainly need to consider adopting this concept. Let’s see how:-

  • Social semblance – Make users feel good about themselves which in turn makes them share it with others.
  • Flashy & provoking – Display your product or service in a manner that’ll hover over the reader’s mind, making it easy to remember.
  • Elicit emotional value for it to be shared.
  • Turn it into a public piston, allowing it to advertise itself amidst a humongous crowd.
  • Useful utterance about the product, bringing out its practical value.
  • Share stories about the brand/product’s background that’d be unleashed by the allured public.

These tips may not necessarily add a spring into your step. You’d have to work hard and try adding in other features like videos and other campaigns.

Should we be gulped in by Google+? Time to find out.

Let’s get it straight. Google+ won’t do much for you in terms of increasing your ranking, nor would it influence rankings on search engines like Yahoo or Bing. The posts on this social platform will rank nearly instantly for phrases within your post, but it’d do so only for people within your circle. A 1+ would rank higher in a personalized search result, only if the person has connected with an individual who has interacted with the content.

Usage of Social media to improve the ranking for your business. Let’s see how.

Active social presence does build up on visibility & increases linking potential. In spite of this, it’s essential to know that great content isn’t enough fill your social profiles to get your social profile ranking up in the search results, nor is it enough to schedule articles that are to be posted upon social networks.

After all of this comes the phase where you kindle a conversation. Communication is immensely important as it makes people feel as though they’ve been heard and given importance. People find themselves engaged in the highly interesting content put up from your end. This way, you could queue in some questions that’d lead to answers. Not only would a conversation erupt, but it’d also give you a responsive idea on how well your business is doing to bring it up on the forefront.

As we step ahead, you could help your business stay connected to social and handle customer relationships, allowing you could strategically analyse and determine their engagement, that’d bring forth a decrease in the unfollow and unsubscribe rates. And all of this, thanks to CRM – Customer Relationship Management.

We conclude by gravitating the customer value that we adhere to, by making the most of a miraculous bond of SEO and Social Media. Our pathway to perfection & prosperity.

If you want to make the most of SEO + SMO, do check out our packages which are a perfect blend. For further assistance, you can email us directly at sales@ebrandz.com or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free).